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All firms in the Charlottesville area will market your home using some or all of the standard real estate marketing techniques available nationwide. These include: Custom Real Estate Signs, Flyers, Putting your Home in the Multiple List Service – MLS, Open Houses, Print Ads and even Internet Marketing.

Let’s look at where Charlottesville Solutions is different.

Stunning Professional Photos

Our Professional Photographer will capture your home at its very best with High-Resolution Photos, and this is just the start. We also create Virtual Tours with up to 50 photos of your property. These photos and tours are presented in all publications, direct mailings, color brochures and of course in several locations on the web.

Charlottesville Open Houses

Broker Open Houses and Public Open Houses help to give your home exposure to both local agents and to local prospective buyers. We key in on keeping your home on other agents’ hot lists. We want and encourage other firms and agents to see your home. Keep in mind that very few homes actually sell at open houses, read more here about the reasons for an open house.

High Impact Marketing – Beyond the Ordinary

At Charlottesville Solutions, we, of course, utilize the above methods, however, offering our clients service that goes beyond what we consider the basics is our specialty.

Successfully reaching your goal of getting your home sold and for the highest possible price will be the end result of a combination of strategies. We give your property the maximum exposure to potential buyers by reaching the World Wide Market with our dominant Charlottesville website.

Our local and national blog sites give us the opportunity to not just get the word out, but to make your home shine!

In addition, we extend the reach to dozens of websites worldwide – see photo. This technique has been over-used in the past, so we have adjusted this to sites that actually produce buyers.

The Internet

We have one of the most popular Charlottesville Home Search sites on the web. Over the last decade, the traffic to our site has been  un-matched even by larger franchise firms. Other firms love to duplicate us, however, we are always two steps ahead. Using technology is second nature to our agents.


As a technology-based company, Charlottesville Solutions creates an individual web page to showcase your home. Also, we can create a personalized website for your property.

My personal background in engineering has given us an advantage over other firms that “purchase” websites that are simply templates. I have personally built our Solutions website and add to it constantly. Our site is actually used by many local agents as a resource to search for homes.

In addition, we write detailed blog posts featuring your home on several platforms. Social media is part of the process and we are active on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and all appropriate social media sites.

Using proven marketing techniques to promote your home to all prospects will give us the highest probability of success in selling your home.


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