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    If you’re relocating and searching for Charlottesville Real Estate it can certainly be a little overwhelming. Our family was right where you are now, about 16 years ago, looking for the perfect combination of excellent schools, four seasons, low crime, smaller town feel and plenty of amenities.

    We were searching for the Quality of Life that we all deserve and my family found it in Charlottesville Virginia.

    Before you decide to move to Charlottesville, we need to talk so we can share stories of what to expect from Charlottesville and the benefits of living in Jefferson’s Virginia… read more

    About Charlottesville Solutions

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    What to do with a Low Home Appraisal

    What to do with a Low Home Appraisal In the home-buying process, there are several crucial steps along the way that Sellers and Buyers alike will have to navigate: the home inspection, radon test, title issues, getting a survey and negotiating when an appraisal comes in significantly lower than the accepted offer. When this happens both sides can go through many different emotions. Either you, as the Seller, will feel as though you paid more than the property’s worth, especially … [Read More...]

    cool charlottesville

    How to Stay Cool in Charlottesville

    How to Stay Cool in Charlottesville During the Summer The recent run of humid and hot summer days here in Charlottesville have made it necessary for everyone to think outside the box when it comes to ways to stay cool. Movie anyone? For some, it can mean a trip to the movies - with Paramount showing some classics - next Saturday, Aug. 20 it will be Strictly Ballroom at 7:30 pm - and Regal Stonefield and Violet Crown holding down the fort until we get a new theater - Alamo Drafthouse … [Read More...]

    Eating Healthy in Charlottesville

    Eating Healthy in Charlottesville Charlottesville is a foodie town - there are more restaurants per square capita than larger cities - so it’s heartening to see that for those who are trying to eat healthy it’s easy to find many options that will suit any palate. Farmer’s Markets Long time residents look forward to the time of year in the spring when the farmer’s markets start up and faithfully go every week to find the freshest fruits, vegetables and meats/fish possible. If … [Read More...]

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Charles McDonaldBy Charles McDonald - Charles, and his firm, Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions, are known locally and around the world for helping people move in and out of the Charlottesville area. His background (running his own engineering firm for 20+ years in the Silicon Valley) has given him the skills to not only develop this site but also to manage a stellar group of agents!
Charles McDonald, REALTOR® and Principal Broker, is Licensed to sell Real Estate in Virginia. 434-515-1585
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