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To my Clients: Many of my clients know that I moved to Charlottesville about 19 years ago from the Bay Area. I searched for a place to raise my children in an area that has the values of a small town and the excitement of a big city. In a nutshell, I was searching for the quality of life we all deserve. After extensive research I found Charlottesville.

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I made the move to Charlottesville from the West Coast to find a home to raise my family and enjoy the quality of life that a small town like Charlottesville has to offer. The schools are excellent, we have four distinct seasons, fresh air and a small town feel. Come visit and see why I chose to live in Charlottesville over all other cities in the United States.

My background is engineering and I ran my own design firm in the Silicon Valley for over 20 years. It is this engineering background that is the reason I spent so much time and effort researching areas across the country.

As a Charlottesville Real Estate Buyers Agent, your needs are my number one priority. This is because I represent my clients’ best interests when looking for homes and land in the Charlottesville area.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor or just relocating to our area. Buyer representation is very important as Virginia is a caveat emptor state. This is Latin for Let the Buyer Beware.

When we look at homes together, as your Charlottesville buyers agent, I don’t represent the sellers’ interests. Remember, the listing agent, builder representative or person in a sales office represents the sellers’ best interests and they’re obligated to get the best price possible for the seller. On the other hand, I work for you.

If you’re considering a move to Charlottesville, and want the experience of a top buyer’s agent who has also made the same move, please give me a call. I would love to share with you the wonderful experience I had in finding Charlottesville and the various reasons that I decided to live in Charlottesville over all other choices from coast to coast.

You deserve one on one real estate advice from an experienced Charlottesville real estate “buyer’s agent” who has also made the journey to Charlottesville. I will show you luxury homes, land, farms and estates in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Our real estate market includes equestrian properties, golf properties, waterfront homes and country estates. I work exclusively in the Charlottesville real estate market and surrounding areas and I concentrate on my clients’ needs and not the needs of a large firm. When you call, you will speak with me directly.The Rotunda at UVA

Why I’m a Charlottesville BUYERS’ AGENT!

NOTE: When you choose an agent, please read and learn more about Agency relationship in Virginia. My passion is to help Buyers in the Charlottesville VA Real Estate market find the perfect Home, Land, Farm or Estate. I feel there’s a “Conflict of Interest” when a Real Estate Agent tries to represent both the Buyer and the Seller in a transaction. As a Buyers’ Agent, your interests are foremost in my mind. There’s no conflict of interest when you work with me! I can show and help you purchase any home listed for sale (not just my listings). Being a

As a Buyers’ Agent, your interests are foremost in my mind. There’s no conflict of interest when you work with me! I can show and help you purchase any home listed for sale (not just my listings). Being a Buyers’ Agent was a choice I made several years ago (back when it was a sellers’ market). Here’s how it happened: We decided to move to Charlottesville Virginia and contacted a franchise

Here’s how it happened: We decided to move to Charlottesville Virginia and contacted a well-known franchise firm, in Charlottesville to help us locate a home for our family. Although the agents were very nice I noticed a little hesitation when I asked probing questions, and, because I came from an engineering background, I was looking for details and statistics. Not long after relocating to Charlottesville, I started to purchase investment properties, again with the assistance of local agents. It wasn’t long before I obtained a license (and soon my Brokers License) and started my real estate career. I saw a weakness in the market and it was “Buyer” representation, so I focused on buyers, and the rest is history.

NOTE: It’s rare that an agent can represent the seller and buyer without a “conflict” of interest.

Here’s what I do for my client:

1. Evaluate a property’s advantages and disadvantages

2. Do a full research of a property’s history

3. Show you the pros and cons of the areas in and around Charlottesville

4. Negotiate with the seller on price and terms

5. Never allow a seller’s interests to interfere with yours.

Note: Please remember that the “Listing Agent” works for the “Seller” of a property and must look out for their clients’ interests, not yours. This includes Sales offices, New Construction and all listed homes and land in Virginia

MY FEE: You don’t pay me. My fee is paid by the seller of the property. When the seller listed their home they offered a fee to the listing agent and to the buyers’ agent. Often times the listing agent tries to capture both sides of the transaction (dual agency).

My question for any agent (or client) is how can anyone represent the best interests of a Seller and a Buyer at the same time? (Two masters so to speak). As a Buyers’ Agent, my fee is paid at the closing table by the seller. If you’re looking on your own, searching the web or driving the area, why not have my expert assistance and be fully represented in buying your home?

When you’re looking for an area to relocate, you don’t want to waste time. Your needs are my number one priority. Look around my site and I think you will agree! ALL Available Homes and Land are on my site. I want you to feel at home not only on my site but also in Charlottesville. That’s why I insist on one-on-one professional service! You get

That’s why I insist on one-on-one professional service! You get free search and services on my site with no obligation because I want to be your REALTOR®. I am so confident that you will see the advantage of using a true Buyers’ Agent for your Real Estate needs in Charlottesville, VA, that I will even send you details of just listed homes weekly or daily if you request them.

My ONE-CLICK SEARCH features expanded data, Satellite Google mapping with surrounding properties and superior photo viewing. Just click on a price or neighborhood.

When you are ready, let’s talk!

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Charles McDonald, a dedicated Buyers’ Agent, is the author of this site, blog, and several other sites on the Internet. Charles and his team of experts in the Charlottesville area are always available to help you with your Real Estate needs.

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