Types of Taxes in Virginia

It’s tax season again. Many Virginians may have some questions about the different categories of taxes they must pay. With some help from the Virginia Department of Taxation website, below are some helpful facts about state taxes. As an FYI, you must also pay federal taxes to the IRS in addition to the state taxes. Be sure to contact your tax preparer for any questions you may have. Personal … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Area Tax Rates

Our City and local Counties set their own tax rates and then you pay your taxes based on the assessed value of your property at these rates. Below are the current rates: (Updated June 12th, 2018) 0.95 - Charlottesville City 0.839 - Albemarle County 0.939 - Fluvanna County 0.775 - Greene County 0.72 - Louisa County 0.68 - Madison County 0.72 - Nelson County 0.804 - … [Read more...]

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