Charlottesville Rentals

Many people consider renting vs buying Charlottesville Real Estate and this is always a personal decision that is right for some people.

Rentals in the MLS

Our firm does not typically list rental properties. However as a service to clients some of our agents may add a rental to the MLS.

We also strongly suggest that the client consider some of the additional options below.

Looking to Rent?

If you are looking for a rental, keep in mind that I do not show rentals, however I do want my clients to have access to rental data in our area. Below are the best places to find rentals.

Note that many rentals do not show up in the MLS and this is why you will want take advantage of options below.

Rental Options

The Blue Ridge Apartment Council (typically you will deal with property manager) – click here for Charlottesville (you can deal with owner/property manager) – click here

NOTE:  Craigslist – Many rentals are listed here. WARNING!

“Do be careful of scams with Craigslist where the person asks for a deposit to be mailed” – If the price is too good to be true, it is likely not a true rental…. Please be careful with this.

We also work with local property management companies. Click here for a link to my referral companies

Let us know if you need any further information.

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