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When looking at Charlottesville Real Estate one of our most popular ways to find a home is to Search Homes by School.

Western Albemarle High School

There are many reasons why you want to search for your next home by schools. Most people understand that real estate is all about location. But one of the main things which determines value in real estate is excellent schools. This is one of the wonderful things about our area, we are fortunate to have highly sought after schools. This is one of the reasons that I created a way to search homes by schools on our website.

Remember they say Location, Location, Location but the truth is that location is usually based on schools.

When discussing schools agents need to keep in mind that we can not steer you to or from a school. What we can do is be sure you are armed with enough information to make an educated decision!

This is why I have detailed information from on all listings on our site. Check the detail page of any listing and there is a rating next to the school name. Check the link for full details.

Charlottesville Schools are broken into the five areas, West, North, South, East and City and also by Elementary, Middle and High Schools. When you search homes by schools you will see that each school has a ranking from This is an independent source and we do not have any association with their website or company.

High Schools – County and City

Western Albemarle High
Albemarle High
Monticello High
Charlottesville High


Middle Schools – County and City

Henley Middle School
Jouett Middle School
Walton Middle School
Sutherland Middle School
Burley Middle School
Buford Middle School

Elem Schools – (WEST)

Meriwether Lewis


Elem Schools – (NORTH)

Broadus Wood


Elem Schools – (SOUTH)

Red Hill


Elem Schools – (EAST)

Stony Point


Elem Schools – (CITY)



Charlottesville City Schools – Located in the city of Charlottesville
Albemarle County Schools – Cville is located near the center of Albemarle County
Greene County Schools – North of Albemarle County
Nelson County Schools – South of Albemarle County
Louisa County Schools – East of Albemarle County
Orange County Schools – North East of Albemarle County
Fluvanna County Schools – South East of Albemarle County

PRIVATE SCHOOLS (Albemarle and Charlottesville)

Blue Ridge School
Charlottesville Catholic School
Charlottesville Waldorf School
Covenant School
Free Union Country School
Miller School
Montessori Pantops Mountain Community School
Oakland School
Peabody School
Renaissance School
St. Anne’s-Belfield
Tandem Friends School

Charlottesville school bus

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