UVA Cavaliers win NCAA Championship for the First Time in School History!

In an unbelievable ending that began a year ago with one of the worst losses ever in the NCAA tournament, the University of Virginia Cavaliers pulled off an incredible titanic win in Minneapolis, MN, on Monday, April 8, 2019, to take their place in school history as the first team ever to come back home with the Championship trophy. The last time UVA was in the NCAA tournament was back in … [Read more...]

A Quick Tour of the Darden School of Business

The University of Virginia is well known for its research hospital, engineering and law schools, but for those who are looking at getting their MBAs, the Darden School of Business often tops the list, and is regularly ranked as being among the Top 15 business schools in the U.S. and Top 30 in the world. Located near UVA’s School of Law and the JAG School, just behind the Barracks Road … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Doctor’s Loan

Doctor Mortgage Loan Here in Charlottesville, we are home to the University of Virginia Hospital, one of the premier teaching hospitals in the state and on the East Coast. Every year in the United States,16,000 new doctors graduate from medical school and about the same number graduate from residency. Every year here in March, know as “Match Day,” we see a new crop of residents rushing … [Read more...]

UVA Housing Options

“The students are coming back!” You know summer around here has officially ended when this phrase starts getting used more and more around the Charlottesville area as the city prepares itself once again for the latest round of UVa students for the new school year ahead. Opening Day is this coming weekend - starting Friday, Aug. 21 - and the neighborhoods in and right around UVA will be awash … [Read more...]

12 Reasons to “Fall” in Love in Charlottesville

The Charlottesville area is blessed with true four-season weather - from  snow showers around January and February to the first buds of spring in mid to late March and April, through the typically humid summer months, we then arrive at fall in September/October. Many people agree that they love the warm days and cooler nights. Peak leaf season is mid to late October and a drive in the … [Read more...]

Match Day 2013 UVA, Charlottesville Virginia

Match Day 2013 at UVA What is Match Day 2013? This is the day when over a hundred medical students at the University of Virginia will find if they are accepted! It is truly a fantastic day for these hard working students who have spent 8 years getting to this moment. Several months ago students picked their top choices of hospitals and many picked the University of Virginia Medical Center. … [Read more...]

Match Day 2012 UVA, Charlottesville Virginia

Today is Match Day at UVA This is the day when over a hundred medical students at the University of Virginia will find if they are accepted! It is truly a fantastic day for these hard working students who have spent 8 years getting to this moment. Several months ago students picked their top choices of hospitals and many picked the University of Virginia Medical Center. After having several … [Read more...]

UVA Duke game

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At UVA game

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Thunder Storms in Charlottesville

Last night we had Thunder Storms in Charlottesville and Crozet. I recently had a client ask me if this was normal weather. Well, this is typical for this time of year. But we usually get a 30 minute thunderstorm in the late afternoon and this is what helps to keep Charlottesville Real Estate green! Oh and yes, we like a little excitement from time to time :) Have a wonderful Charlottesville … [Read more...]

Minutes to UVA-Cheaper than Renting from Solutions

Conveniently located mins from downtown Charlottesville, UVA and I64, 1036 Sunset features two BRs and full bath with walk-in shower on large nearly level one acre lot with a fully fenced backyard. Completely updated in 2010 with new plumbing, water heater, heat pump/AC, plus electrical upgrades, new stainless steel appliances and ceramic tile floors. Third bedroom was used to enlarge existing … [Read more...]

Thomas Jefferson’s Ten Rules-for Real Estate

Thomas Jefferson has a wonderful list of 10 rules that is above my computer. These same rules can apply to Real Estate today or just our daily lives…. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. -  As agents we can easily procrastinate. Make that call, send that email, Blog!!! Never trouble another for what you can do yourself. – This is a call to action. Do not put things off for … [Read more...]

UVA in the top 10 college towns

Great Education! The University of Virginia attracts more than just history buffs. Famous for being founded by Thomas Jefferson back in 1817, the modern campus can easily get lost in its impressive history. But student hot spots like “the Corner,” Read more here … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Cardiovascular Associates

Charlottesville Cardiovascular The medical resources in Charlottesville are outstanding. One resource to know about is the Charlottesville Cardiovascular Associates   I have a friend and neighbor who is on staff here and I recommend them highly. Many times people wait until it is to late to seek help. Visit this site, read about the Diagnostic Services and consider a checkup! We … [Read more...]

UVA JAG School – Charlottesville Virginia

UVA Jag School Located on the North Grounds at The University of Virginia - UVA is the Judge Advocate General's Legal Center. This is adjoining the University of Virginia School of Law. This legal center is authorized by Congress to award a Master of Laws degree. Judge Advocates from all five armed forces of the United States attend the annual Judge Advocate Officer Graduate Course in which … [Read more...]

UVA and UCLA tie?

they sure have (see this from the Daily Progress) UVa, UCLA tie for 2nd best public university The University of Virginia maintains its status as the nation’s second best public university in U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings — but this year UVa has some company in the No. 2 spot. In the 2010 rankings of “America’s Best Colleges” — which will be released today — the University of … [Read more...]

University of Virginia – Art Museum

Ladyhawke hd The University of Virginia (UVA) Art Museum is a must see! The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland hd "Just around the corner from Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda, the University of Virginia Art Museum presents art from cultures throughout the world..." 3 Blind Mice movies Located at 155 Rugby Road and open Tues-Sun from 1-5pm, plan a day to see some of the fine art in … [Read more...]

I got a Doctor Loan for my purchase – YES!!!

I have been writing about Match Day at UVA and Doctor Loans for sometime and I just got a call from a client that is just so happy we are going to start the search for a new home in Charlottesville. We have lenders that have special programs just for Doctors and the deals are fantastic! Catwoman move If you are moving to UVA for residency at UVA you may want to give my Charlottesville Real … [Read more...]

UVA, Darden School!

Darden School Fourth on Forbes' List of Best Business Schools Forbes magazine's fifth biennial ranking of business schools highlights the appeal of one-year programs. The survey ranks schools based on return on investment -- meaning compensation five years after graduation minus tuition and the forgone salary during school. The List: 1. Dartmouth (Tuck) 2. Stanford 3. Harvard 4. Virginia … [Read more...]

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