Should I have a Whole House Generator in Charlottesville?

Should I have a Whole House Generator in Charlottesville? With last Thursday’s strong wind storm knocking out power to much of Central Virginia, as well as up the Northeast corridor, many home owners are asking if having a whole house generator is the right choice for them. Memories of the 2012 derecho and recent hurricane activity also brings this to mind. After major weather events, we have … [Read more...]

Organic ​Food in Charlottesville​

As we all know by now, Charlottesville is a foodie town. You can dine at a different place every night for a year and not eat at the same place twice it seems. And if you don’t want to partake of our many amazing restaurants, you can always find freshly picked and locally sourced ingredients to prepare a memorable meal at home. Farmer’s markets have long been a staple for residents in our area … [Read more...]

What Makes Barracks Road Shopping Center So Special?

For residents of Charlottesville, Barracks Road Shopping Center has been a fixture as a shopping destination since it opened in 1959. Easily accessed by foot from the University of Virginia, and neighborhoods just off Rugby & Alderman Roads, by bus from all over the city and, of course, by car, Barracks Road has made a place for itself in the hearts and minds of residents and visitors … [Read more...]

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