How to Determine a Home’s Value

Many Home Buyers believe the physical characteristics of a house will lead to increased property value. But, in reality, a property's physical structure tends to depreciate over time, while the land it sits on typically appreciates in value.  Although this distinction may not appear to be much, understanding how prospective land values influence property returns lets investors make better … [Read more...]

Why is the Listing Agent Present at a showing when I have a Buyers Agent?

Here at Solutions, we often let our Buyer’s clients know that when they are going to open houses and a listing agent approaches them to let that agent know they are working with a Buyer’s agent.  This is to protect the potential Buyer as the listing agent is loyal to their Sellers FIRST and might not necessarily provide the same answers that they would be required to with a Buyer’s agent present … [Read more...]

Generation Z and Home Buying

Generation Z and Home Buying Most members of Gen Z - born between 1994 and 2005 and now 23 and younger - expect to own their first home by age 28 - three years younger than the median age of first-time homeowners; and another nearly 100,000 already own a home. By contrast Gen Y - born between 1977 and 1994 - has made it pretty clear that they aren’t ready to take the homeownership plunge … [Read more...]

Myths about Selling your home

Myths about Selling your home When it comes to thinking about selling your home it can feel like you’re all of a sudden getting a ton of unsolicited advice from everyone - your neighbor, best friend, or even from the evening news or online. So, what’s the best way to sort out what is truly helpful advice versus the myths that come up time and again? One great way is to contact your Solutions … [Read more...]

How to Clean Out Your Closet

If you are contemplating putting your house on the market, or just need a fresh new beginning, now would be a perfect time to re-evaluate your wardrobe and make room for new, seasonal pieces.  Cleaning out your closet can seem like a daunting task. Getting rid of your clothes, even if you haven’t worn them in years (and years, and years), isn’t easy.  Now that summer is officially here, do a … [Read more...]

Why some Real Estate Deals Fail

When you’re in the middle of the buying process, there are several things that can crop up that might throw a monkey wrench in the works - also known as “deal killers.” Despite the recent pickup in spring sales activity, the tough lending climate continues to kick up obstacles for both Buyers and Sellers — from obscure zoning problems to 11th-hour mortgage glitches. One of the best ways to … [Read more...]

Spring 2018 – Charlottesville VA

Spring 2018 - Charlottesville VA Cherry trees, winter jasmine and daffodils are already dotting the Charlottesville streets with color as we look at the last days of February and peek into March.  Daylight Savings time starts at 2 am on Sunday, March 11, and Spring officially begins this year on March 20. Residents and visitors alike know what’s coming - Charlottesville is beyond compare in … [Read more...]

Staging Mistakes

Staging Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Sell Your Home Faster When Sellers ask us here at Solutions for advice, it’s usually because they’ve read the latest magazines or watched HGTV and the many shows targeting fixer uppers or DIY projects, but just don’t know where to begin when it comes to listing their own home. The first thing to remember is that they’ll no longer be living there so Sellers … [Read more...]

Tips for a Smooth House Closing

Tips for a Smooth House Closing When it comes to finding your dream home, there are many steps along the way to a smooth closing. After you’ve identified your perfect house - negotiated the contract, applied and approved for a loan, inspected and agreed to repairs and/or credits - the last step is the most important: the closing. By knowing what to expect and doing some legwork, you can … [Read more...]

Your Home Stinks

How to eliminate odors in your home For Sellers, decluttering and staging a home are both incredibly important to presenting it in a flattering way, but it’s also important to make sure potential buyers don’t stop at the front door because of an unpleasant smell. We all have walked into homes that have the strong stench of something undefinable, whether it’s from pets, bad food or strong cooking … [Read more...]

Pros & Cons of Removing Shoes Before Showing a House

Pros & Cons of Removing Shoes Before Showing a House Sellers want their houses shown in the best light, and many think that asking potential Buyers and their agents to remove their shoes is the perfect solution - thereby keeping their houses clean and dirt-free. Some Sellers, for example, may have severe asthma - so tracking in pollen/dirt/mold spores is a very real concern. But what do … [Read more...]

Should I Sell my Home As-Is?

Pros and Cons of Advertising a Home “As-Is” Sometimes people find themselves in a situation where they need to sell their house “as-is.” Perhaps they've already moved and can't be there to arrange for repairs, or maybe they don't have the money that improvements will cost, are dealing with complications to their health or are going through a divorce. When a Buyer sees the words “as-is,” … [Read more...]

Tips for Painting your Home

Tips for Freshening Up Your Home’s Paint The fastest way to grab attention for your home, and improve its curb appeal and resale value, is a fresh coat of exterior paint. It not only makes your house look nicer and last longer, but it also prompts a potential buyer to want to check out the interior. Although going the DIY route makes sense if you’re on a serious budget, most homeowners will … [Read more...]

How to Make a Small Room/Bathroom Appear Bigger

When it comes to listing a home it’s ideal to have professional photos done to show off every aspect of every room, but there are some rooms that are just so small they often get skipped in this process. But, there ARE ways to make these rooms - which are often bathrooms - stand out and shine. Taking a little bit of extra time and paying attention to detail can make these rooms pop and even … [Read more...]

Questions Agents May Ask You at an Open House

Questions Agents May Ask You at an Open House Now that the Spring Market has started in earnest you will start to see Open House signs sprouting up all over - especially on weekends. Prospective Home Buyers who are not quite sure they’re that serious about looking prefer Open Houses as they get to see a home and not ally themselves with a particular agent. But they should also be prepared for … [Read more...]

10 DIY Home Maintenance Tips

We’ve all watched those Do-It-Yourself Home Repair Shows and thought that the repairs seemed too complicated and that it might be better to hire a professional contractor. This can get expensive, however, so it might be a great idea to look again at those DIY projects and see if you can handle some yourself. Having a home maintenance plan in place throughout the year can make a huge difference … [Read more...]

Hidden Gem and Exceptional Value

Sorry, no longer on the market Hidden Gem and Exceptional Value in popular and quiet Baker Butler neighborhood - just 10 minutes north of town.Home is located off Proffit Road, and is a stone's throw from Rt. 29, Hollymead Town Center, Martha Jefferson Hospital Critical Care, NGIC/DIA & UVA Business Park and the Airport.This 3 BR/3 full BA, 2,392 sq. ft. (1196 sq. ft. on main level) one-level … [Read more...]

Why use a Solutions agent to help sell your home?

When it comes to selling a home - whether it be because you are moving for a job, downsizing or have finally found your perfect dream home and you need to sell the one you’re in to make it work - having your Solutions agent by your side to help you through the process can make all the difference between an easy vs. a difficult transaction and transition. Pricing and selling a home  There are … [Read more...]

“Broom-Clean” and what it means to sellers

At Solutions, we’re often asked by our Sellers what it means to leave their home in “broom-clean” condition at closing. According to wording in a Virginia Association of Realtors® (VAR) residential contract, the Seller agrees to “deliver the Property to Purchaser at settlement, in its present physical condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted, but with such repairs and improvements as the … [Read more...]

Five Signs Your House May Be Overpriced

Five Signs Your House May Be Overpriced As we head into the Charlottesville area 2014 Spring Market, buyers are paying attention to what inventory is available and which listings are truly making an effort vs. the ones that have been languishing for some time. Most sellers are anxious to make a good first impression and get their house sold quickly, but a few hold out as they may be … [Read more...]

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