How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

With this morning’s single digit temps in the Charlottesville area, our thoughts quickly turn to a topic on everyone’s minds this time of year - how to make sure your pipes don't freeze. When temperatures plummet, the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting skyrockets. In fact, burst pipes are one of the most common causes of property damage during frigid weather and can cause … [Read more...]

Household Items that can be Recycled

Household Items that can be Recycled Did you know that the average person in the United States generates around 4.5 pounds of waste every single day? Multiply that by around 300 million, and you can see why garbage has become a serious problem in this country. This is just one reason why recycling is so important. Here in the Charlottesville area, the city and county have made a commitment … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Area Flooding

IMPORTANT REMINDER If you come to a road with moving/standing water - turn around - do not attempt to go through the water, unseen dangerous conditions are possible. June 2018 stated off with more of the same torrential rain that made the month of May around here a soggy mess.  The last week of May, in particular, turned deadly as at least two people have been confirmed dead from accidents … [Read more...]

Summer 2018 in Charlottesville

Summer 2018 in Charlottesville Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer and 2018 is rapidly filling up with fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. From farmer’s markets to hiking, tubing and vineyard tasting, to music at various venues around town, there’s truly something for everyone.  Farmers Markets Long a favorite as a Saturday morning destination, and now starting its … [Read more...]

Hibiscus and Frost

Hibiscus and Frost My wife and I just lost a Hibiscus to Frost so we thought it was appropriate to write this blog: After the unpredictable winter we’ve experienced this year we know many gardeners and homeowners alike who are trying to get some color going in their gardens right away instead of waiting patiently for the regular perennials to make their appearance. Recently, we bought a … [Read more...]

Ivy Creek Natural Area

One of our area’s greatest treasures is the Ivy Creek Natural Area (ICNA), a 215-acre preserve bordering the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir, which is located off Earlysville Road - just down the road from the Rock Store on the way to the Reservoir.  Long a destination for those who really enjoy a walk in the woods nearer to Charlottesville, the preserve is a “mix of upland woods, pine stands, open … [Read more...]

Summer 2017 in Charlottesville

Summer 2017 in Charlottesville Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer and 2017 is rapidly filling up with fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. From farmer’s markets to hiking, tubing and vineyard tasting, to music at various venues around town, there’s truly something for everyone.  Farmers Markets Long a favorite as a Saturday morning destination, and now starting its 44th … [Read more...]

Does it Ever Snow in Charlottesville?

Although many Charlottesville area residents thought that the 70-degree weather we enjoyed around the recent 2015 holiday season would last forever, we finally had our first taste of winter with this past weekend’s storm – called Jonas - courtesy of El Niño. Although people have been known to make fun of the havoc an inch of snow wreaks and schools appear to get cancelled at the drop of a hat, … [Read more...]

Walking Trails in Charlottesville

We recently talked about Charlottesville’s Walk Score, which, a few years ago, named us the most walkable city in Virginia, and now we have some more information for our Solutions audience on many of the lovely walking/hiking/biking/running trails that circle in and around the city. Charlottesville Parks and Recreation, according to their website, maintains nearly 6 miles of paved, and about 30 … [Read more...]

2014 – Google Year Search – Amazing

Google just released its top search terms of 2014! (What We Search for says a lot about us) You can not watch this without getting chills. Some great events and some special people were lost. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did. (see video below) … [Read more...]

Tips for saving on Winter Energy Bills

How to Save Energy This Fall & Winter As the cooler days and nights of fall turn into full blown winter, thoughts turn to how to keep your house warm and snug. Here are some strategies to help you save energy. Some of the tips below are free and can be used on a daily basis to increase your savings; others are simple and inexpensive actions you can take to ensure maximum savings through … [Read more...]

12 Reasons to “Fall” in Love in Charlottesville

The Charlottesville area is blessed with true four-season weather - from  snow showers around January and February to the first buds of spring in mid to late March and April, through the typically humid summer months, we then arrive at fall in September/October. Many people agree that they love the warm days and cooler nights. Peak leaf season is mid to late October and a drive in the … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Head

I just could non resist posting this photo. I do not know where it came from as a family member emailed it to me. It just makes me laugh and I hope you enjoy it too. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Note: It is that time of year again and I do have a habit of saying Merry Christmas. In saying so I am expressing my freedom of speech and also hope that you will do the same no matter what your religious beliefs … [Read more...]

Crozet Graffiti or Art?

For many people, the town of Crozet is really not very big. I often hear from people who are visiting that say "we are driving out to Crozet". I have mixed thoughts when I hear that. First, I love Crozet but to me it is more of a feeling that a place. Second, I think people expect to find a small town and it is not really that big, but it is growing and has new developments. Sure there are a … [Read more...]

Visit Historic Charlottesville!

As the home to Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia offers a unique blend of history and a modern and vibrant college town. Visitors come to Charlottesville to relax and explore this city’s Downtown Mall, wineries, and surrounding mountains. Check out the following tips to help plan your next visit to Charlottesville. Things to Visit • Thomas Jefferson’s … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Cicadas are here

What's worse than stink bugs and lady bugs put together? You guessed it, the 17 year Cicada, and they are beginning to arrive in Charlottesville right now. Your pets may snack on them and your ear drums may suffer but long term there shouldn't be lasting effects. I photographed this fine specimen this morning while showing a home in Charlottesville. If was my first glimpse of the … [Read more...]

Flying over Charlottesville

Flying over Charlottesville This weekend I went flying with my son. He was taking a lesson and was the pilot for the day. I got to sit in the back of the plane and snap a few pictures of Charlottesville from the sky (see photo). Charlottesville Green Space One of the obvious things about flying over Charlottesville is all of the green space that we enjoy. There are large farms and forested … [Read more...]

2012 Fall Party

Our 2012 Autumn party was one of the best yet. The weather was perfect and mother nature had outdone herself decorating with all the rich colors of autumn, creating a perfect backdrop. Add to that good food, great company and you have that just right combination for a good time. So often we just don’t take the time to keep in touch with people that are important to us, so, on this one day of … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate can be a little Fishy

Several months ago I started the house hunt with a young couple and their two children. They were familiar with Charlottesville but also had some specific requirements. They wanted excellent schools, a neighborhood and privacy (all within budget). Sometimes a neighborhood and privacy are a dichotomy. Well the hunt was on and we soon found the perfect home, in the school district my clients … [Read more...]

New Owner for Keswick Hall

Keswick Hall, a luxury hotel and Country Club located in Albemarle county,  will soon have a new owner, according to news stories released today. Keswick Hall is currently owned by Orient Express Hotels, which is based in the United Kingdom and owns other high-end resort spots around the world as well as the Orient Express Train System. CCA Industries, the holding company for the … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Land and a single tree

Charlottesville Land It is hard to look at Charlottesville without thinking about the Charlottesville Land in the area. We have an area that has wonderful views and four seasons. When we look at land, we sometime forget to see the beauty in just one tree. This tree was photographed by a good friend and it reminds me of just how magnificent the land is in the Charlottesville area. Remember the … [Read more...]

Stunning views-Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions

One thing that we have in our area is stunning views. This is one of the things our agents at Solutions really love about showing Charlottesville Real Estate. Let us know when you want to tour the area? … [Read more...]

Thomas Jefferson and Charlottesville Real Estate

Jefferson and Charlottesville Jefferson was born April 13, 1743 at Shadwell in Virginia. Interesting that a man who drafted our Declaration of Independence, became our 3rd President and founded the University of Virginia decided to live in Charlottesville. Certainly he could have lived anywhere as he traveled overseas as Secretary of State and had intimate knowledge of the United States as … [Read more...]

A break in the clouds for Solutions

This morning we have a break in the clouds. The recent storms have really been something with several inches of rain and flood warnings. So seeing the sun break through is a welcome site. Speaking of welcome sites, have you visited Charlottesville Real Estate lately? We have several new features and easy access to all homes and properties in the Charlottesville area. Give it a try. So … [Read more...]

An Easter Memory from Charles

Sure I am busy selling Charlottesville homes and real estate, but today is Easter and I was just looking at some old photos of Easter past… Here is one with my daughter visiting Grandma and Grandpa… The years sure do fly by and we can forget that time is really limited. Today we spend the day with family, my daughter is a lot older now but we got to play a little basketball (she beat … [Read more...]

The Tangled World Wide Web

(Photo taken by Charles) Yesterday our family spent some time cleaning up out play room. It is a combination of computers, a big screen, treadmill, weights, books, stuffed animals, etc... When we first started to use this room we had a grand idea that it was going to be a combo, Movie and Computer room. That did not last long. It soon became a tangled web of everything else in our … [Read more...]

What is around the corner

I took this photo last year and it reminded me that we never really know what is "around the next bend". With our new business things are very exciting. We have new people working with us, we have added new software to our arsenal of Real Estate tools and are looking forward to a prosperous 2011. Dealing with a few family issues reminds me that "Life certainly does have its twists and turns" … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate discussing Spring?

It may be a little early but, about this time of year I often think of Spring. This is because Spring is such a wonderful time of year to show Charlottesville Real EstateThe cool air is invigorating and the colors are amazing. Funny thing is that I often look forward to the next season no matter what time of year it is. My wife loves to get out in the garden and plant flowers everywhere. We all … [Read more...]

Oh Christmas Tree and Charlottesville

Took a drive to Richmond to do a little Christmas Shopping at Short Pump. Wow, What a tree they had in the square.we just love the Holidays! … [Read more...]

Stuck in traffic, my view

Charlottesville Traffic brief wireless message from Charles (that guy who sells Charlottesville Real Estate) … [Read more...]

Fall colors in my Charlottesville yard

Charlottesville Real Estate in my own back yard I recently took this photo from my rear deck. The colors in our yard are amazing this year. We own a lot next to us where I am looking at building a new home. See my website for details.   We always enjoy this time of year and even with the recent heat wave we got this summer, the colors in Charlottesville are still stunning. Enjoy the … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate and our history

Charlottesville Real Estate This is one of the best kept secrets in Virginia. If you went to the University of Virginia or just passed though our city, you felt the impact.Charlottesville Virginia is located just east of the Blue Ridge mountains in central Virginia. With incredible mountain views, about 45 minutes to skiing and just a few hours to the eastern seaboard. We are located where … [Read more...]

What is with this Charlottesville Home’s bathroom?

A Room With A View When showing Charlottesville Real Estate there is always a lot to see. On this day I was pointing out something interesting.... Do you see it? Is it that obvious? Maybe it is just me or a local thing....a room with a view! We always have a lot of fun showing homes in the Charlottesville area and this day was no exception. This client was sure quick with a camera … [Read more...]

Charles Showing Charlottesville Real Estate

Showings I had a client snap this photo of me showing homes from last Winter (yes winter, I can tell because I had 2 shirts on).Well, I had to chuckle when he said this is you showing Homes to us. So what the heck am I pointing out in this photo? Is it the open space or a place to jump off to the first floor? I think we were just having a little fun seeing Charlottesville Real Estate, … [Read more...]

A friend in the garden

See our friend in our garden brief wireless message from Charles (that guy who sells Charlottesville Real Estate) … [Read more...]

Walking our dog in beautiful Charlottesville

This is a place off of Garth Road where we like to walk our dog … [Read more...]

Now that is a library!

Kansas City Library (Missouri, USA)   … [Read more...]

A walk in Albemarle County

Taking a walk is different for many people and sometimes horses too. Enjoy the area around Charlottesville, it may change your life. … [Read more...]

Wisteria – Can make your Charlottesville Home look fantastic!

Every Year I cut it back and it comes back stronger than ever. This crazy plant (no not a weed) started in a little pot a few years ago. We planted it below our deck and now it is taking over. Every year I cut it farther back and every year it comes back with thicker vines!   Wisteria! Here is a little fun fact:   Wisteria vines climb by twining their stems either clockwise … [Read more...]

Yes, even Charles was young once! (Merry Christmas)

  I am the one of the Left, Not the Right :) This is one of the few photos that I have of me as a child. It sits on my piano next to pictures of my children. It is hard to believe that I was once this young. Time is so fast when you are not thinking about it. I hope that you all enjoy your time together and a very Merry Christmas to all! … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Caterpillar

NOTE: Brief message sent from my BlackBerry® regards, Charles McDonald, (cell) 434-981-1585 Associate BROKER, Licensed to sell Real Estate in Virginia   … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Do not get Stung!

This hive is located at a friends home. It was amazing... Do you see the wasps peaking their heads out?   About The Author   Copyright © 2009 Charles McDonald, All Rights Reserved. Charles McDonald - BIO Brought to you by that guy who sells Charlottesville Va Real Estate   … [Read more...]

Where in Charlottesville am I?

  NOTE: Brief message sent from my BlackBerry® regards, Charles McDonald, (cell) 434-515-1585 Associate BROKER, Licensed to sell Real Estate in Virginia … [Read more...]

The History of the Charlottesville will amaze you

The History of the Charlottesville will amaze you Several presidents called this home. Meriwether Lewis, of Lewis and Clark, birth place is about a mile from my home. Of course, Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark from here to the West! Charlottesville has had several famous residents (see below) add to this list, Dave Mathews Band, Sissy Spacek and Jessica Lange. The author, John Grisham calls … [Read more...]

is Charlottesville a secret? for many it is…

This is one of the best kept secrets in Virginia. If you went to the University of Virginia or just passed though our city, you felt the impact. Charlottesville Virginia is located just east of the Blue Ridge mountains in central Virginia. With incredible mountain views, about 45 minutes to skiing and just a few hours to the eastern seaboard. We are located where Thomas Jefferson decided to build … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – a friend at the pool

We have a lot of friends in Charlottesville and this little friend keeps showing up at our pool! My wife commented that she will never eat frog-legs again! After meeting this little guy, I have to totally agree.   sure I sell Real Estate in Charlottesville but we also like to spend a little time at the pool!   … [Read more...]

Happy Easter in Charlottesville! 2009

Farmyard Symphony dvd Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things movie download Unemployed full movie The eggs are colored (see photo) and we had our Easter Egg hunt this morning! Eyes in the Night download It is another grand day living in Charlottesville! No tours today with clients .... just family. Life for me and my family could not be much better. We live in a beautiful area, … [Read more...]

One of those days…

In Too Deep movie download   Bowfinger film Today is Monday and after a long weekend of showing homes in Charlottesville, writing an offer and looking at a new listing, I need to take a little break! This morning I have been working on paperwork and setting appointments for three closings this week. With so much business I feel as though I have pulled all my hair out (see … [Read more...]

Weather and a Day of Rest!

Today in Charlottesville we are getting a little Ice Storm we love the weather here in Virginia! The kids are home from school and we got to spend a little time playing on the Wii together... This last week I have been going non-stop with clients and contracts. I have 3 ratified and one close to it...It is good to see the market taking off again! I have been showing property (see: Driving … [Read more...]

Positive, Focused, Above the Crowd!

  They say that Real Estate is local and with the current environment that is certainly true. I just read a blog from Spokane Washington Real Estate Expert, BethAnn Long about their local market. Click Here My response to her was "Stay positive and stay focused you are above the crowd just by being actively working on your business!" Then it crossed my mind, something that I had … [Read more...]

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