Does your Homeowner Insurance cover you in a Natural Disaster?

Does your Homeowner Insurance cover you in a Natural Disaster? With the recent arrivals of Hurricanes Florence and Michael through our area - although a bit east of Charlottesville - it is understandable for local homeowners to wonder if their home insurance policies are up to date in the event we get a direct hit next time. A natural disaster is defined by the United Nations as "the … [Read more...]

Should You Buy in a Gated Community? 

Should You Buy in a Gated Community?  We have already looked at the pros and cons of buying a home in a neighborhood that has a Homeowner’s Association. Let’s now look at homes that go one step further - those that are located in a gated community. A gated community is a collection of homes that are accessible only to residents and their guests via a gate or wall across any roadways in or out. … [Read more...]

A Tour Around Charlottesville

A tour around our Charlottesville area Afton Afton straddles Albemarle and Nelson counties, and is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, about 20 miles west of Charlottesville.  Its highest elevation is 1,362 feet and one of the most beautiful vistas of the area can be seen at the lookout at the top of Rt. 64 as you cross over from Waynesboro heading east, near the Rockfish … [Read more...]

Home Trends for 2017

Charlottesville Home Trends for 2017 Every year, it’s always interesting to see what designers are looking at in the way of trends for the home. Although everyone has their own personal style, many trends do end up either coming back in style, expanding their reach or quietly going back into the past again, until the next time. We may see more color this year, as opposed to the white, grey and … [Read more...]

Why buy a Charlottesville Home in the Winter

Why Buy A Charlottesville Home in Fall/Winter? In a place where spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of all, it makes sense that our Charlottesville real estate market is also incredibly busy during that time  - with homes often selling within hours or days of coming on the market after fielding several contracts at a time. In spring, people who have been cooped up over the winter are … [Read more...]

Crozet Graffiti or Art?

For many people, the town of Crozet is really not very big. I often hear from people who are visiting that say "we are driving out to Crozet". I have mixed thoughts when I hear that. First, I love Crozet but to me it is more of a feeling that a place. Second, I think people expect to find a small town and it is not really that big, but it is growing and has new developments. Sure there are a … [Read more...]

Haden Place Crozet Virginia

We are pleased to annonce that a new neighborhood is just breaking ground in Crozet. Haden Place is located on Haden lane, between Old Trail and Jarman's Gap. Details of Haden Place This 34 home subdivision has been planned for years and is being brought to you be Gibson homes . The 14 single family homes will be built by Gibson Homes, the 14 attached homes will be built by Southern … [Read more...]

Zillow or Trulia which is best?

For Charlottesville Real Estate the answer is Neither - read on... Using the Web to Search I have clients who use a computer to do everything from ordering pizza to trading stocks. When people become so accustomed to using the web to find everything, they can sometimes over think things, and real estate is one of those things that they over think. Let me explain: I need to educate my clients … [Read more...]

Open House at 1604 Bruce Ave, Charlottesville VA

CLICK PHOTO Click for Information on 1604 Bruce Ave Sorry this Home is Under Contract … [Read more...]

Why Charlottesville is rated so highly

From my wife's perspective... Well, the answer to that question depends on who you are. Let me answer using my own family as an example. For my husband, Charlottesville offers an environment which allows his small business to flourish and grow by being a small enough town to enjoy word of mouth advertising yet big enough to offer a wide range of opportunities.  As a stay at home mom, I can … [Read more...]

Old Trail and Charlottesville Real Estate

We often talk with clients about Old Trail and the options available. I was recently asked this question: Charles why are are seeing so many homes on the market in Old Trail?   The answer has a couple sides to it. First: There is the resales. People that have purchased or built and for one reason or another they have to move.   Second: New Construction and this is … [Read more...]

Charles discussing Charlottesville Real Estate-8-26-11

A beautiful day in Charlottesville and my wife and I had coffee early. Spending part of the day enjoying the countryside is always a pleasure. There is something about being outdoors that I love. I hope that you enjoy your weekend!In our area, people are talking about the Hurricane, be we are far enough in land that we should just get a good rain. We will see. … [Read more...]

Just Listed Charlottesville Real Estate

Charlottesville Real Estate Just Listed (in the last 24 Hours) Many of my clients check my site every day for homes and in response to a clients request, I have recently added "just listed" homes to my site. Below are home that have been listed in the last 24 hours in all areas. These are existing homes and not "proposed" homes that are "to be built". Just Listed Homes (all areas) in the … [Read more...]

Your new Key comes with a warning

OK, so I am using the title of this post to make a point. I just closed on a Charlottesville Home and one of the first things that I discuss with my clients is the locks. You see a person who buys a home is always excited to get the keys to their new home but they come with a warning…. You never know who has had the keys to your new home and one of the first things you should do is contact … [Read more...]

Crozet Real Estate-what a variety

Crozet Real Estate Charles McDonald, REALTOR® / Principal Broker with Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions, and is "Licensed to sell Real Estate in Virginia” main: 434-515-1585 … [Read more...]

Another quick question from Solutions

As you know we are always striving to add features and make improvements to our Solutions website and your input is very valuable. So we have a quick question: Which do you prefer Gallery or Spreadsheet? Do not discount the Spread-Sheet to quickly as you can easily sort data and scan down the price for snapshots of homes... Thank you in advance   … [Read more...]

Crozet Real Estate

Crozet Real Estate Understanding Crozet Real Estate requires understanding Crozet and the Charlottesville area. Crozet is a small town about 15 minutes west of Charlottesville. It is located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is actually growing vs a lot of areas that are stagnate. Originally called "Wayland's Crossing", Crozet was renamed in 1870 in honor of Colonel Claudius Crozet, the … [Read more...]

Just Listed-Nice Feature

I was just sent this message from a client:Charles, I love the new feature showing Just Listed Homes but why do some listing only have one photo or sometimes none? Great Question and the answer is simple. Remember than all listings are available on our Solutions site and this means that when an agent lists a home I have it displayed right away. Now many agent are not as time-sensitive as I … [Read more...]

Crozet was host to Evan Almighty

Who does not love Steve Carell? The movie "Evan Almighty" was filmed right here in Crozet Virginia, just outside of Charlottesville. It was in a wonderful neighborhood called Old Trail at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains. This is a photo I took of the ARC being built. It was amazing and as I showed Real Estate in Old Trail with a client, we drove by an elephant that splashed my truck … [Read more...]

Best Search tool now available

Working with buyers in the Charlottesville Real Estate market has prompted me to design and build a site that offers them tools to find the perfect home. Below is just one of those tools. By using google maps, global position and our local MLS data, I have a tool that allows you to set parameters such as Detached or Attached homes, price range, number of Bedrooms and Baths, Square footage and even … [Read more...]

The building process of a Custom Built home

Well, I stopped by yesterday (actually I stop by at least once a week) and the progress is going very well. We are under roof, have windows in and also electrical. This will be one of the largest homes built in Old Trail and it is hard to get a good feel for the size from the photo, but look at the front porch and also we have a full finished basement. We are doing several … [Read more...]

Construction Begins on New Main Street in Crozet

Message below is from website: Construction Begins on New Main Street in Crozet Construction is beginning this week on Main Street and alley improvements as part of the next phase of the Destination Downtown infrastructure improvements scheduled for Crozet.  The project includes construction of a new road, called Main Street, as called for in the Master Plan and significant … [Read more...]

Old Trail Defies Real Estate Trends – NBC29

Old Trail Defies Real Estate Trends - NBC29. A construction boom is underway in one of Albemarle County's largest subdivisions. The Old Trail development is seeing a spike in sales despite what is happening with the housing market across the country..... See Video Here … [Read more...]

How do I search for Charlottesville homes?

Search Charlottesville homes with extensive tools on the Solutions website Let me know how I can improve my services? … [Read more...]

Understanding Charlottesville and Crozet Real Estate

Let's start with the recent market report from the Charlottesville area association of Realtors : I can not emphasis these words enough: The tax credit had a significant impact in helping the numbers look good, but moving forward the tax credit will likely have a negative effect on the numbers. Essentially, the tax credit moved a lot of sales in the April, May and June that would have … [Read more...]

What is the best way to build a home in Old Trail?

What is the best way to build a home in Old Trail? Click to view large   This is the question I recently was asked. The best way is to start with a search of homes to see if Old Trail is an area that you really like - Old Trail Homes Then we will look at lots available in Old Trail and see if any will accommodate the home you are considering. Since I do not represent a … [Read more...]

What is Crozet or should I say who is Crozet?

What is Crozet or should I say who is Crozet? The community of Crozet began as a whistle stop on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad in 1876 that was established at the request of the Miller Manual Labor School (the Miller School), which had been founded a year earlier. It was named for Colonel B. Claudius Crozet (1789-1864), a French born civil engineer and artillery officer under Napoleon who … [Read more...]

Crozet – Secrets of the Blue Ridge

(Crozet’s first library was on The Square in 1907. The storage room in which it was established (see arrow) was located next door to Crozet’s combination Hotel-Hardware-Drug Store building. Photo courtesy of The Phil James Historical Images Collection.) Just read a fine article written by Phil James in the Crozet Gazette Secrets of the Blue Ridge: The Library of Crozet ...In 1907, Miss … [Read more...]

Great new listing in Ivy

Now SOLD! … [Read more...]

Homes in the Crozet Elementary School District

Charles, My kids are going to Crozet Elementary and we need a larger home but do not want to switch schools. Can you help? Certainly, here is a link to all homes in the Crozet Elementary School District. There is certainly a wide range of homes and if you need help, we are always available. Below are a few recent listing from our MLS: $649,000 1425 PLAINS DR, … [Read more...]

New Construction – Agents should wear clean socks! (Crozet Real Estate)

When looking at new construction there are always a lot of things to consider. On a Home Inspection with my clients in Old Trail, we were greeted at the door with this sign: Now this brings up a very good point. When you go out to show property (new or old) wear clean socks!!! Can you image if you had dirty socks and you had to take your shoes off to show a home. Or what if your … [Read more...]

Crozet, Graffiti or Art?

Crozet, Graffiti or Art? The town of Crozet is really not very big. I often hear from people who are visiting that say today, we are driving out to Crozet. I have mixed thoughts when I hear that. First, I love Crozet but to me it is more of a feeling that a place. Second, I think people expect to find a small town and it is not really even that. Sure there are a few restaurants, a store, a … [Read more...]

Where to search for Charlottesville Real Estate

Where to search for Charlottesville Real Estate The best place to start is here: Charlottesville Real Estate and for a great way to search by map try here: Charlottesville MLS Search … [Read more...]

Charlottesville New Construction

Charlottesville New Construction Working with new construction and builders is a big part of my business. Many of my clients choose to build their dream home in Charlottesville and there are some excellent builder to choose from in our area. As your buyers agent I will help you though the process of finding the perfect building site and working with you and the builder to completion. Many … [Read more...]

1263 PARKVIEW DR, CROZET VIRGINIA – Multi-use property

(Virtual Tour) … [Read more...]

A real 10 in Charlottesville

What is a 10 out of 10 curb appeal? I will let one of our local papers tell you the story: Read The Hook PHOTO BY SARAH JACOBSON Address: 3675 Brinnington Road Neighborhood: Meriwether/Ivy in Albemarle Asking: $1,195,000 Assessment: $1,141,700 Year Built: 1999 Size: 3,756 fin. sq. ft. / 1,336 unfin. Land: 4.12 acres Agent: Charles McDonald Curb Appeal: 10 out of 10 If money cannot … [Read more...]

So why is my Agent so Vague???

It seems like my agent is dancing around my questions. Why is this? Schools – It may sound vague when an agent talks about schools but Buyer and Listing agents can not “steer” a client to or from a school. Crime – I hear it all the time, how is the crime in this area. Again an agent will be vague and refer you to a website or the police dept. Race and Religion - Who lives in … [Read more...]

Old Trail Village Center – Charlottesville VA

  Old Trail Village Center is well underway! This is a mixed-use, open-air, retail, entertainment, office and residential center located at Old Trail directly at the base of the Blue Ridge. The area currently has 2600 planned homes. There are 400-12,000 SF spaces available for shops, restaurants etc…   Segway is one of the stores, we are already seeing pizza, hair salons and … [Read more...]

Segway Comes to Charlottesville

Segway comes to Charlottesville Well actually to Old Trail, located in Crozet Virginia. The town center has opened and Segway is open too! Located in the Old Trail town center. This is great! If you have read my blog regarding real estate and the Charlottesville and Crozet area, you already know that this development has both sidewalks and trails. Many people have already … [Read more...]

Crozet Master Plan

When looking at the expansion of the Crozet area, developers and investors will want to consider Parkview Drive. (Click on photo below) This is a unique Real Estate offering! See upcoming meeting about Crozet development below: The Crozet community is invited to attend public forums on the five year revision of the Crozet Master Plan. The next forum will be held:Thursday, November 19, … [Read more...]

Crozet Growth – Unique offering of Multi-use property

Address: 1263 Parkview Drive, Crozet MLS: 470964 Price: $1,900,000 This multi-use property is located in the growth area of Crozet. Located on the main artery into Crozet, directly across and adjacent to the heart of the historical and future employment center designation for Crozet's growth area. Within walking distance to and Starhill Brewery. The property is ideal for a combo … [Read more...]

Looking at Crozet Real Estate consider Grayrock

Crozet is located west of Charlottesville and offers several neighborhoods with Blue Ridge views. One just place is Grayrock. This area is as close to the mountains as you can get. Many homes actually back up to the Blue Ridge. Not to mention that the colors are amazing this week. Let us know if you have any questions? $399,900 732 RUSSET RD, CROZET $384,900 914 BRAEBURN ST, CROZET … [Read more...]

Safety First in the bathroom

I just read this from pillartopost and realized that it was worth a post: Safety First Twenty-five percent of all household accidents occur in the bathroom. Take precautions and select nonslip materials for floors, tubs, and showers, and use bath mats with nonskid backing. Make sure your electrical outlets are protected with GFCI circuit interrupters, which cut off power immediately in the … [Read more...]

Wisteria – A home with natural beauty

What is Wisteria? Wisteria vines climb by twining their stems either clockwise or counter-clockwise round any available support. They can climb as high as 20 m above ground and spread out 10 m laterally. The world's largest known Wisteria vine is located in Sierra Madre, California, measuring more than an acre in size and weighing 250 tons.... Sometimes Nature is used to enhance the … [Read more...]

New Listing in Ivy – Walk to Meriwether

Nestled in Ivy down a curved driveway is a wonderful 3 bedroom 2 bath home on 2+ acres. Walking distance to Meriwether Lewis Elementary School Offered at only 365K, this home has new windows being installed throughout, is freshly painted and has new appliances in the kitchen. There is even a new 4 board fenced yard for your family and pets to enjoy. No longer for sale … [Read more...]

Where in Crozet am I?

First of all Crozet is not a dirty word, it is a small town just West of Charlottesville. Many times when I am out I find that I do not have a camera with me...but I always have my blackberry and it takes great photos. Recently I was out and took this photo: Three Blind Mouseketeers psp Absolon ipod I was amazed at this skylight and the way it created let in so much light even on a cloudy … [Read more...]

1733 Monet Hill – NGIC Real Estate

Are you looking for NGIC Real Estate? No time to build? take a look at this grand home: With 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths, this home is ready to move into. Rich, warm, bright home in popular Montgomery Ridge. Hardwood throughout the main level with a comfortable room configuration including a study/library on first floor. Four nice sized bedrooms are accentuated by master bedroom suite with … [Read more...]

In Crozet, concerns over growth

The Unforgettable Benny Hill movie Phantasm trailer Book of Love video Crozet residents will soon have a chance to weigh in on their concerns over growth in western Albemarle County. It seems that some long time residents are concerned. New residents to the area, do not see much change so they are not as concerned with growth. This is my opinion, what is yours? Deep Red buy … [Read more...]

Sold in 7 days-multiple offers-Charlottesville

When I take on a new listing, my client and I have a long conversation about market conditions, the true value of their home, the condition of the home, inventory and marketing in our area. Many times I get a call from a homeowner that is not having any success with selling their home and they ask me to take on the challenge. This is the case in this nice little home just North of … [Read more...]

Research Park, NGIC, GE

WHAT A VIEW!!! 5 Minutes to NGIC, Research Park and GE. This 3 bedroom 2 bath must be seen. The open acre of land is beautiful! Additional Shed has Power and Water run to it. The play-set is a picture perfect place for a youngster! This home is a great value. It is rare to get such a convenient location with these views for only $214,900. On about an acre (level) the green grass is a delight. … [Read more...]

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