Spring 2019 in Charlottesville

Dogwoods and redbuds are in full bloom after the recent rains and spring is once again here in Charlottesville. One could argue there really isn’t a prettier place to be than in this area for spring - neighborhood streets boast a riot of colors, from small plants to bushes and trees that drape over the walkways - we are truly a green town and even greener countryside. We also know the … [Read more...]

Historic Garden Week 2019

Each spring visitors are welcomed to over 250 of Virginia's most beautiful gardens, homes and historic landmarks during "America's Largest Open House." This year marks the 86th annual time that visitors can tour the beauty that is Virginia in the spring. Garden Week features 31 tours over an 8-day statewide event - from April 27 through May 4, 2019 - and provides visitors with a unique … [Read more...]

Charlottesville’s Annual Dogwood Festival celebrating 69 Years in 2019!

There are very few certainties in life, but we can say, here in Charlottesville, once you see the hillside along both sides of Route 250 near the Hydraulic Road intersection ablaze in blooming forsythia you just know the redbuds and dogwoods are not far behind.  And then, we all know what dogwoods around here mean - they’re the sign the Annual Charlottesville Dogwood Festival is about to … [Read more...]

Ways to Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Now that we have begun Daylight Savings Time once more, you can also begin sprucing up your garden and house as Spring is around the corner.  Even though it feels like we have had nothing but rain since the beginning of the year - with the odd snow shower here and there mixed in - yesterday’s sunshine revealed that bulbs are beginning to sprout in gardens around town and a few cherry … [Read more...]

Real Estate in 2019 – What’s ahead?

As we saw in 2018 in the Charlottesville area, the spring market seemed to begin in early January, when it usually starts heating up in mid-February. Sales seemed to slow down a bit in mid-summer as there still wasn't enough actual inventory - either resale or new construction - to supply the increasing demand.  Many landlords have taken advantage of the number of people needing … [Read more...]

Hibiscus and Frost

Hibiscus and Frost My wife and I just lost a Hibiscus to Frost so we thought it was appropriate to write this blog: After the unpredictable winter we’ve experienced this year we know many gardeners and homeowners alike who are trying to get some color going in their gardens right away instead of waiting patiently for the regular perennials to make their appearance. Recently, we bought a … [Read more...]

Getting your yard ready for Spring

Getting your yard ready for Spring in Charlottesville Despite the appearance of snow flurries around the area today, Spring is one of the most important times to perform maintenance to your lawn.  Winter weather can leave your grass, shrubs and trees weak and hungry, especially after months of lying dormant. By following the steps below you can help prevent your beautiful lawn from being … [Read more...]

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