Real Estate in 2019 – What’s ahead?

As we saw in 2018 in the Charlottesville area, the spring market seemed to begin in early January, when it usually starts heating up in mid-February. Sales seemed to slow down a bit in mid-summer as there still wasn't enough actual inventory - either resale or new construction - to supply the increasing demand.  Many landlords have taken advantage of the number of people needing … [Read more...]

Best House Hunting Strategies

Best House Hunting Strategies Searching for your dream house can be a daunting task, and most of the homes you see won't be what you're looking for. Below are some great strategies to use to help you weed out the houses that are just not right for you and help you avoid common house hunting mistakes. Have your team in place While many house hunters think they will save money by not working … [Read more...]

Angie Woodson joins Charlottesville Solutions

Angie Woodson joins Charlottesville Solutions Angie Woodson is well known in the Charlottesville area as an advocate for her clients. She not only has a fantastic reputation with her clients, but also with other agents in the area. She is a top producing agent work works in Albemarle and all surrounding counties. Locally, Angie has worked on fundraising efforts for the Virginia Institute of … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Solutions Party 2014

For most agents, Fall means that the real estate market slows a little.  So what do we do with a little extra time on our hands? We take advantage of it by having a party for our friends and colleagues. This year was no exception and we had a wonderful time. Betty, my wife, loves to cook up special dishes. I wish we had a photo of all the food as it really is quite amazing.  We also have … [Read more...]

Happy New Year from Solutions!

We often reflect back on the prior year as we enter a new  year. 2013 was certainly a wonderful year for Charlottesville Solutions as we expanded our sales force and also had record sales. We are seeing a tremendous increase on our website traffic and want to thank all of our clients for their support. 2013 sales look promising but are certainly not at levels we would like to see, to call the … [Read more...]

James Friend Dickerson joins Charlottesville Solutions

Good news travels fast and having James Friend Dickerson join us at Charlottesville Solutions is certainly good news! Jim is a wonderful addition to Solutions as he brings years of experience and exceptional customer service. A native of Central Virginia, James lived in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and Louisa Counties before heading to Virginia Tech to study Forestry and Wildlife … [Read more...]


We are always updating our site with new features and we recently added a Wildcard Search to our Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions site. It is really simple to use and, as one client emailed me, kinda fun to use too. How to do a Wildcard Search 1. Enter a search keyword (or keywords in "quotes") EXAMPLES: horse, farm, golf, lake, hospital, equestrian, NGIC, DIA, "first floor master", … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Solutions is a Green Business

What do I mean by this? When we opened the doors at Solutions, two years ago, I had a few simple rules for myself and our agents. One of the most important rules was "never hand me a piece of paper". The story actually started several years ago. I wrote a blog post in Aug of 2009 that I titled "I want a paperless office, am I wrong?" Back then, I was already using digital signatures … [Read more...]

A surprise from Charlottesville Solutions

Our real estate market in Charlottesville Virginia is certainly holding its own this year and there is a distinct improvement over last year. There are so many factors that affect home sales. The Fed, the election, the Presidential debates, jobs, tax rates... the list goes on and on. Most of these things are outside of our direct control. We are, however, seeing a strong year for our office … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Solutions welcomes Sybil Mahanes

Well the word is out and we are very excited to announce that Sybil Mahanes has joined Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions. Sybil was born and raised in Charlottesville Virginia. Her love of the area and its people is infectious. Prior to real estate, Sybil was the owner of the Ivy Store, a landmark in Western Albemarle, and she knows most residents on a first name basis. When I first met … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Solutions is expanding

Our clients, colleagues and fellow real estate agents in the area know that Charlottesville Solutions is a boutique firm that is technology driven to support both buyers and sellers in our local and surrounding areas. By definition "we do not work to support a large firm or franchise". This is what makes us unique and is a great strength in a volatile real estate market. Our standards put … [Read more...]

Solutions December Meeting

Charlottesville Solutions (another get together to discuss Real Estate in Charlottesville) Tis the season, and some of the crew at Charlottesville Solutions got together today to share a little holiday cheer and discuss a great year just past and another even greater year coming in 2012. We love to get together, share a meal and talk about better ways to serve our clients. As a new company … [Read more...]

Solutions meeting-Charlottesville Real Estate

Today we have a meeting with all the Agents at Solutions. We do not have regularly schedule meetings like a lot of firms do. We have meetings when there is a specific topic or issue that needs to be addressed. Today's meeting is about current market trends and a surprise topic that i am sure no other firm discusses. I am off to Solutions! … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate Broker tells all

Charlottesville Real Estate Broker tells all Well maybe not all but I want to make my clients aware of why I started Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions. Many people know how I got into Real Estate after moving to the Charlottesville area 11 years ago. There is a lot about this subject on my website - Charlottesville Solutions The reason that I started Charlottesville Solutions is actually … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate increases performance

Charlottesville Solutions Website has been upgraded! Over the years I have added a lot of features to our websites. One think I have really wanted to do (actually just did not have enough time) is to upgrade our site to increase the performance. I have talked with a few clients who tell me that the increase in speed is very noticeable.To be honest, I was not fully aware of the lack of … [Read more...]

Do I need a Custom Search for Charlottesville Homes?

We have found that so many people search for Charlottesville Real Estate in different ways. Here is just an example of a few of our Custom Charlottesville Search links on the Charlottesville Solutions website! Let us know if there is a search you would like us to add? We love a challenge. … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions Driving Success

At Solutions we have a driving desire for you to succeed. Not just in seeing homes, but in finding the right home for you, negotiating the best deal and being sure all your needs are met during and after the transaction. Visit our site and see why it is one of the most popular sites in our area fro homes, land, farms and estates. Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions Driving Success … [Read more...]

Solutions meets with Tech

    At Solutions we are usually out with clients. However this morning we are meeting with the Technology Group at our local Association of REALTORS. I am the co-chair of the group this year and we always have a lot to go over. The group tries to stay on top of the latest trends as they effect agents in our area but it is a difficult task as technology seems to be moving faster … [Read more...]

A little humor from Solutions

Being on the tech committee at our local Charlottesville Real Estate Association often brings up new technology discussions. This is one of my favorite Discussions of Wireless TechnologyHave a wonderful day! … [Read more...]

Coffee and your Charlottesville-Real-Estate-Agent

Looking for Home in the Charlottesville Real Estate area is always exciting but can also be a little challenging to find just the right property. This morning I am off to meet clients for coffee who are moving from the Bay Area. Yes, my old stomping grounds. In fact they currently live a few blocks from where I once rented my first apartment (many years ago). It is exciting to meet new people … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions Meeting

  Today we have a meeting with all the Agents at Solutions. We do not have regularly schedule meetings like a lot of firms do. We have meetings when there is a specific topic or issue that needs to be addressed.   The main topic at this meeting is New Construction in the Charlottesville Real Estate Area as we are seeing a lot of clients looking at new homes as an … [Read more...]

Problems – Solutions!

I was recently sent this photo from a friend and it reminds me of Real Estate. We all know dealing in the Real Estate market these days presents many problems. At Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions we deal with these problems but focus on the "Solutions". This is why our name is now "Charlottesville Solutions" Our group of highly experienced agents focus on the needs of our clients. We … [Read more...]


Working on another New Construction with clients. Many agents are not comfortable doing new construction but I find it much more exciting than just looking at resales. With a new home we can actually build what a client wants and get very creative. I love my job!   Charles McDonald … [Read more...]

Solutions Expands in a tough market

Please welcome our 2 newest Agents to Solutions. Rick Dreher and Steve Grannis Rick Dreher Real Estate Agent Cell: 434-953-8582 Rick has been in the Real Estate business for over 12 years and prides himself on customer service. Specializing in buyer brokerage, Rick has helped many of his first time buyer clients achieve their dream of home ownership. He has experience in short sales and … [Read more...]

Solutions Meeting today

At Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions we are usually out with clients. However this morning we are meeting to go over plans for the next 6 months. You see we are only 6 months old and now have 8 people at our office - Solutions Office.   That is quite a growth pattern and we will be making some adjustments. ABOUT SOLUTIONS: Charlottesville has many outstanding firms and agents, … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Morning Coffee with Charles

Coffee and a beautiful day in Charlottesville, what a mixture! Today we are off to see 2 stunning properties that we will be listing soon. One is close in to town and in an area that is very desirable. The other is a larger home with acreage near NGIC and DIA. This afternoon I am meeting with one of our agents to discuss the details of a contract. Being available for our agents is part … [Read more...]

Positive, Focused, Above the Crowd!

Thomas Jefferson and Charlottesville Homes They say that Real Estate is local and with the current environment that is certainly true. I recently read a blog from Spokane Washington Real Estate Expert, BethAnn Long about their local market. My response to her was “Stay positive and stay focused you are above the crowd just by being actively working on your business!” Then it crossed my … [Read more...]


Charlottesville Real Estate A beautiful morning in Charlottesville and my wife and I had coffee early. The kids are out of school on Summer vacation (be careful on the roads) and we are planning a lot of family time this summer. Off to an appointment in town and then a couple showings. Charlottesville Real Estate is … [Read more...]

Solutions and CAAR Tech Meeting

Solutions and CAAR Tech Meeting Today we will be covering some important issues that affect all the members of the Charlottesville Area Association or REALTORS. We have a fine group of people at these meetings and we are up to the challenge. I believe our main focus at the CAAR Tech meeting is to be sure we have accurate data in our MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This is why Solutions is … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions

Here is what Solutions is all about. This is a typical listing on our website. Notice all the information and there is more. We have detailed search capability and since I created and design all my own sites, I have the flexibility to add new features all the time. Yesterday I received a call from someone I had never talked to before. He was very kind to point out that I had a problem on my … [Read more...]

Solutions will be at the Broker Forum

Today we are having a Broker Forum at our local Charlottesville Area Associations of Realtors - CAAR. It is tough to break away from my clients for an afternoon, but there are times when it helps to meet with other Brokers to discuss the current market and local issues. If there is any exciting news you can be sure, I will inform my colleagues and clients. Have a wonderful Tuesday in … [Read more...]

Solutions at the closing table today

This morning we are getting quite a rain in the Charlottesville area (most of the East Coast is getting it) So of course I get to go out to a walk-though and then to the closing table with clients. I like to attend closings at the attorneys office. There is often questions that my clients will have and since we have built a great relationship with each other, they often look to me for the … [Read more...]

A Charlottesville Home

At Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions we strive to help our clients find the perfect home. The name home is used very widely, some might call it a house. I have heard them described as a house being a building or structure in which one lives; where a home is the place one lives with a family. A few other names for a home are: abode, address, apartment, asylum, boarding house, bungalow, … [Read more...]

You got your Keys now what?

I just closed on a home in Charlottesville and one of the first things that I discuss with my clients is the locks. You see a person who buys a home is always excited to get the keys to their new home but they come with a warning.... You never know who has had the keys to your new home and one of the first things you should do is contact a locksmithand have the locks re-keyed. This is a … [Read more...]

Mapping Charlottesville Real Estate

So easy with the right tools from Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions. Charlottesville Map Search I just love with technology and adding it to our site.   … [Read more...]

Too many options from Solutions?

My clients know that I love to add new features to my real estate website. I am always thinking of new ways to search.  By price, map, school, area, new construction and combination's of each. Charlottesville Real Estate has so many variables, I want to be able to offer them all to my clients. The question I have this morning is do I have too many options on my site?   … [Read more...]

Solutions are part of the process

Hi Charles, Just wanted to let you know that we finally have a contract on our Fairfax house. Rob and I were really missing your technical expertise throughout the contract process...... Testimonials continued … [Read more...]

Juggling Deals with Charles

Today is one of those days in Charlottesville Real Estate where I get to juggle several things. I am in the middle of two contracts, off to a Structural Inspection and a Home Inspectionand then to see a few homes. I love it! … [Read more...]

Tech Guru at Solutions

I ran across this old photo of my son in front of my computer (I can tell it is old by the monitors). When he was 2 years old, I gave him his first computer and it has never gotten old for him. He loves to fiddle with programs and even write code. He helps me with our computers (yes we have several), our network and even some code writing now and then. He has even helped us setup our network at … [Read more...]

Solutions offers unique Search

Working with buyers in the Charlottesville Real Estate market has prompted me to design and build a site that offers them tools to find the perfect home. Below is just one of those tools. By using google maps, global position and our local MLS data, I have a tool that allows you to set parameters such as Detached or Attached homes, price range, number of Bedrooms and Baths, Square footage and even … [Read more...]

What you write is out there-FOREVER

I just read a post on a popular website by a local agent who was describing a "Current" deal and commission issues asking for opinions. To me this is so wrong on many levels.First, your primary job is to protect your clients interests (not your commission)Second, you have a managing broker and mediation at our local Realtor Association to assist you. This is what they are there for. Third, … [Read more...]

Realtor Open House in Charlottesville

Today the kids are back in school and I think my wife and I will go out and see what new in the Charlottesville area real estate market for the new year. Broker open houses are typically on Tuesday in our area and are a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of new listings. … [Read more...]

Happy New Year Charlottesville!

Happy New Year to all! Now that the New Year has begun, so has our new firm at Solutions(aka Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions). Seems my calendar is already getting booked for the week and I am off to show homes in Albemarle today. we are all looking forward to an exciting 2011 Charles McDonald PRINCIPAL BROKER at Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions (main) 434-515-1585 All … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2011 from Solutions!

We want to wish all our friends, clients and staff a happy and prosperous 2011! Changes for 2011 Please welcome Peg Gilliland and Brenda Carlisle who have just joined "Solutions" They both bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our firm. Many of my clients know that both of these agents and I have been working together for years so the transition has been very smooth. Let's … [Read more...]

Contact Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions

If you want to contact us at Solutions just give is a call at 434-515-1585, better yet drop us an email and we will be connected. You may also want to visit our site and see why it is one of the most popular sites in our area for homes, land, farms and estates. All material including photos are not to be reproduced without permission - copyright 2005-2011 … [Read more...]

What is your Solution for Charlottesville?

You are looking for answers, not just a list of homes. Most agents and brokers do not understand this. They just pay to have a generic website and put it out there to see what happens. 5 years ago I started building my own website and have added to it consistently. I take feedback from clients and use that feedback as a challenge to add new features to my website. At Solutions we … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions Driving Success

At Solutions we have a driving desire for you to succeed. Not just in seeing homes, but in finding the right home for you, negotiating the best deal and being sure all your needs are met during and after the transaction.Visit our site and see why it is one of the most popular sites in our area fro homes, land, farms and estates. … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Solutions discussing time off

With the holidays here (today is Christmas Eve) we always try to take some additional time off. We went sledding at Wintergreen (see photo) this week and are at home spending Christmas Eve together!Great memories. Remember to enjoy the holidays and the one's you love. … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Solutions taking a Family Day

The word today is Family! We have had a wonderful year in real estate and now that the kids are on vacation, it is time to spend some family time together. Christmas shopping is part of it and so is our traditional family movie(s). The main thing is to spend time together! … [Read more...]

Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions on meetings

Today we have our final Tech meeting for the year at CAAR. I know that many of our agents have ideas of what they think these meeting are about but most are wrong. We actually spend most of our time being sure that the data that is generated from our listing (aka MLS) is accurate. Accurate data is the most important thing we can produce for our members. We had a good year and next year will … [Read more...]

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