Becky Crowe
Becky Crowe

Buyers Agent, Listing Specialist, Skilled Negotiator


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Becky loves and knows Charlottesville. She also has a passion for new construction and in helping buyers find or build their dream home.


Having a background in new construction gives Becky a unique perspective on the real estate market. This gives her an eye for details, especially when looking at any home (new or resale). She knows materials, selections and systems within homes.

As a native to Charlottesville, Becky uses her knowledge of the area to educate and benefit her clients whether they are building, buying or selling in the Charlottesville area.

Becky, why Charlottesville?

It's the best of everything rolled into one awesome city! The mountains, people, educational opportunities, health care, entertainment, restaurants.... Whatever I'm in the mood to do, Charlottesville has it to offer!

Where is your favorite place to eat?

When the weather lends itself to outdoor dining, which is my absolute favorite, I love the vibe of the Downtown mall; Citizens Burger Bar, Bizou, and Downtown Grille are my "go-to" places. The breweries on Rt. 151 also have fantastic menus and gorgeous outdoor settings.

What is your favorite event or show you have seen?

There are so many fun things to do in the area, it's hard to have one favorite. Tubing down the James River, Fridays After Five, UVA sports, Foxfield Races, Chris Green Lake, skiing at Wintergreen. It's just impossible to be bored in Charlottesville!

What is your favorite time of year?

I love late Spring and early Summer. Such gorgeous weather that screams,"Get out and have some fun!"

What about Charlottesville surprises you the most?

Meeting the people who have thrown caution to the wind and moved here not because of a career move or family, but rather, just because it's a beautiful location with so much to offer. Knowing they could have lived anywhere and chose Charlottesville makes me love the city I call home that much more.

Charlottesville Hidden Gem?

I'd tell you, but then it wouldn't be hidden anymore.

Favorite Vineyard?

So many choices but I have say King Family is a favorite. The setting is almost too perfect to believe. Packing a picnic and spending Sunday watching polo with that amazing mountain backdrop is good for the soul!

Lifetime accomplishment?

I'm proud of my M.Ed. from University of Virginia and the years I spent as a professional educator. I loved my teaching and leadership roles and that experience has been a true benefit in working with clients and negotiating contracts.

Why Real Estate?

I've always been a people person who loves helping others succeed. The transition from teacher to Realtor came naturally and easily because there are so many similarities in the two professions. I'm married to one of Charlottesville's most reputable home builders and as a team, it truly is our pleasure helping our clients build their dream home. Likewise, my construction knowledge is handy when helping clients buy existing homes.

Favorite Vacation?

Anywhere Caribbean. If the water is clear with a gentle rhythm, and 80 degrees regardless of the time of year, that's my favorite vacation.

Favorite Tech Tool?

Anything Apple.... Fun to work and play!

Favorite Place to Shop?

Boutique shopping is my favorite. I love an unusual find. I also love to shop local, where ever I may be. Adding something to my home that has a story to tell; maybe a memory of a great vacation, weekend getaway, quik trip to a neighboring city...those kinds of finds are meaningful to me.

Advice for Buyers?

Work with a buyer's agent who really knows the area and is committed to your best interest. I've lived in Charlottesville all of my life and take great pride in sharing my knowledge and love for this community with others who are making big decisions about where they want to live.

• Testimonials •

"The house is looking more stunning every day. I can’t believe what you crews can do in a couple of days and not have the quality suffer. Thank all of you for all that you do to help us get our dream home. We are so lucky/blessed that “our prior builder” seemed to drop off the face of the earth or we would never have found you and we would be stuck in something that we liked but did not love."

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Terry

“As an architect, the design and construction of a home for my family has been a dream, a
dream that Wendell and Becky helped realize.”

“We were treated with a friendly professionalism that helped us understand the process from start to finish.”

“Working with you has been very easy; you have always been available and responsive to our questions and any concerns we have had.”

“You always accommodated our visits to the site, even if it meant rearranging your schedule.”

“You and your staff conducted themselves in a very professional manner. It was evident in the quality of work and the attention to detail.”

“It seemed like whenever we had a question or a minor problem, Wendell would immediately come over and solve it. You worked diligently to ensure that we were happy and all of our questions were answered. The professionalism you displayed was unbelievable.”

“If we were to do it all over again, there is nothing I would change. Wendell’s hands-on approach and attention to detail made it a very easy decision for me. Wendell and Becky both were easy to deal with and really listened to what we wanted in our dream home. They made the dream a reality and for that I’m extremely grateful.”

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