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2018 Home Design Ideas

Have you ever wondered what designers are thinking when they come up with the latest “It” color or other such trends for the season? 

For example, on some sites, lavender and lilac are being touted as the new colors for 2018, taking over from millennial pink, which vaguely resembles Pepto-Bismol.

Below we look through the trends designers were talking about last December and see if any of them have made the step from trendy into a real standard – you may even have some of them in your own home now.

High Contrast Palettes

If you like a clean look, try using a bold color and contrast it with white to balance it out. Some people like to have one accent wall with a standout color and then use softer more neutral colors elsewhere. Yellow, red and coral are perfect for a spot of color.

Back to Nature

Shades of green are also making a comeback and olive and chartreuse are once again being used as accent colors. Be sure to choose a green that complements furniture and decorations you already have – you might want to look at these items and pick out a green that will blend in well with everything else.

Think Circles

If you are not sure about using bold geometric shapes everywhere – from wallpaper to curtains – try starting with an accent pillow or throw blanket on a sofa and see what you think. This is a great rule of thumb with anything new you are introducing into your home.

Tone on Tone

If you really like navy blue, for example, designers were saying we should consider painting a piece of furniture to match – although this might get interesting in a low light situation if you are looking for a flashlight in that same piece of furniture and end up banging your elbow or knee trying to find it.

Brass Accents

Brushed silver has been a popular choice for drawer pulls or fixtures, but some designers are looking back in time and choosing brass again – be sure, however, that the rest of the colors around the brass will complement it as it is a hard color to work with.

Choosing Natural Elements

Here in the heart of Virginia, we are known for our red brick clay soil, white quartz, river stones used for fireplaces and walls and soapstone quarries. It’s always a nice surprise to walk into a living room and see a rock fireplace soaring up to the ceiling – on a cooler evening warmth radiates from the stones and casts a soft glow.

If you like the natural look you can bring fresh flowers and others found objects in the home and create restful spaces for everyone to enjoy. Handwoven baskets to hold flowers or plants, mail or kitchen items are also popular accents.

The back to nature theme is also being seen in wallpaper – agate and geode designs are starting to pop up and provide an interesting contrast to plain white walls and trim.

Speaking of trim

One of the first rules of painting is not to paint your windows shut, but, if you are careful, adding a colorful trim around windows can pick up other colors in a room and provide a break from stark white.

Tile anyone?

Although Subway tiling has made a huge splash in bathrooms and kitchen renovations, the simple matter of having to clean the grout and tiles has created a more practical solution – make the tiles bigger. The larger size has proven easier to install and maintain.

And, it is taking over from the granite standard that many people agree is durable but just doesn’t have the aesthetic of, say, quartz or marble.

Artisan fixtures

If you have grown tired of the standard chandelier, exposed track lighting or overhead filament light, think local and seek out artisans who are trying something new with lighting choices – you will feel good about supporting your local businesses and also will have a great topic of conversation at your next dinner party.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is going out of favor because of its low durability and the overall tiredness of the trend.

While bamboo was once cited as an eco-friendly flooring option, concerns have been raised more recently about its negative effects on biodiversity and carbon emissions.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood gained popularity for its eco-friendliness and rustic aesthetic, but too much of it in the wrong environment can be a real eyesore.

Bohemian tapestries

Experts agree this trend can stay with the college dorm crowd.

DIY organizing products and projects

Millennials have broadly embraced DIY, including when it comes to improving their homes — but this is one area where finding professional solutions pays off as repurposing items like egg cartons and toilet paper rolls can make your space look junky.

 Pattern on pattern

Using the same pattern for the walls, the windows, and all the accents is best left to the experts, but, if it’s done well, it can look fantastic.

You can also try the slightly less risky trend of mixing patterns in décor.


Despite what our better instincts tell us, wallpaper is definitely back in, but designers are looking at ways to keep it contemporary and chic and not too overpowering – anyone remember the floral or plaid designs of the 1980s?


Although its merits have been the subject of some debate, minimalism is an omnipresent trend right now and a mainstay in many newly remodeled homes for sale, and is a stager’s dream, but it might be hard to live with for a long period of time.

Instagram-ready décor

Whether it’s a night out, a new outfit, or a piece of avocado toast, everyone’s looking to get maximum Instagram value out of life these days. So it’s only natural to want to be surrounded by furniture and accessories that look great on camera. You do have to think about maintaining a neat space at all times though.

Strong accent rugs

Layered rugs have been in this year, and rugs will continue to be a big deal in 2018 – this trend might not be great in houses with lots of kid or pet traffic, but if it is under a dining room table you might be all right.


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