Livability – 5 best places to live in Charlottesville 

With a population now hovering around 44,500 and often the subject of Top Ten lists nation and world, the city of Charlottesville has a lot to offer locals and transplants alike.

Greenbrier takes Number 1 spot

According to a recent look at the five best places to live in Charlottesville, ranked by their livability scores, the Greenbrier neighborhood takes the top spot at 84 out of 100, and also the 18th spot in the entire state. 

Greenbrier surrounds its own elementary school and stretches to Charlottesville High School and features mainly brick ranchers and Cape Cod styles with contemporary designs also tucked in amongst the trees. 

This area has access to the Rivanna walking trails and also to the Greenbrier Park. It opens to Rio Road East and also Hydraulic Road and Rt. 250 so getting anywhere in town is a snap.

Residents here enjoy walking everywhere and you can often see pet owners stopping in the street and catching up and Free Libraries dotting the neighborhoods. Amenities have been given an A+ rating along with education and employment.

Homes in Greenbrier

Locust Avenue/Grove – #2 with 83 out of 100

Even though Martha Jefferson Hospital has now moved out to Pantops, the neighborhood where it made its home for over 100 years still retains the charms of yesteryear with gracious and stately Victorian-style homes that feature wonderful porches and elaborate brickwork and trim mixed in with more modest dwellings that feature the Virginia red-brick clay seen all over town.

This is also a walking neighborhood and the Downtown Mall is about 10-15 minutes away for most residents. It ranks 31st in the entire state and also features a A rating for Amenities, Education and Employment. 

Homes in Locust Grove

Charlottesville High School – adjacent to Greenbrier – #3 with an 82 out of 100

This ranking is no surprise as it is next to Greenbrier and many residents enjoy the easy access to Charlottesville High School for sports events and the Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center. 

Mainly solid brick homes line the wide streets and it’s always fun to walk by and see what everyone’s gardens are up to in the upcoming springtime. Residents take great pride in their properties here and it shows.

The neighborhood ranks 43rd in the state. Residents can quickly get to the Downtown Mall, UVA and points north and south via Hydraulic and Rio roads, the new John Warner Parkway and Rt. 250.

Homes near Charlottesville High School

North Downtown – adjacent to Locust Grove – #4 with an 82 out of 100

This neighborhood is closer to the original heart of Charlottesville – Court Square – and is a stone’s throw away from the Downtown Mall and Locust Grove mentioned above. Residents here enjoy quaint, tree-lined streets and evening walks and the architecture ranges from the early 19th century to modern times.

There is an issue with parking, but many streets feature resident permit parking during certain hours so visitors should take care and pay attention to signage. North Downtown is ranked 48th in the state of Virginia.

Homes in North Downtown

Rose Hill Neighborhood – #5 with an 80 out of 100

This historic African-American neighborhood has seen a lot of change over the past decade as the Downtown Mall and University of Virginia have expanded and businesses on Preston Avenue have been renovated. It has a county middle school located at the heart of the main thoroughfare and the alternative Murray High school is located just off Rose Hill Drive.

Residences often feature the two-over-two design with front porches that invite conversations with passersby – many have been renovated over the years. This area is marked as 78th in the state and is now home to one of the best bakeries in the city – MarieBette Café and Bakery. 

Homes in Rose Hill

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