Home Trends for 2017

Charlottesville Home Trends for 2017

Every year, it’s always interesting to see what designers are looking at in the way of trends for the home. Although everyone has their own personal style, many trends do end up either coming back in style, expanding their reach or quietly going back into the past again, until the next time.

We may see more color this year, as opposed to the white, grey and beige palettes many stagers and stylists have favored in years past. Designers are excited to see that jewel tones, like emerald green and amethyst, and even pastel colors, are breaking that neutral color barrier.


Consumers are again embracing the old adage that less is more. 

This is especially true if they’re starting to move into smaller spaces and the larger pieces of furniture used to fill up the McMansions of the past years start to seem overbearing and impractical.

Trends heading out

Oversized furniture. Creative and functional use of space is becoming more important. Oversized furniture not only takes up too much space, but now is seen as being out of scale – look for pieces that are ideally scaled for a space and custom-designed to fit.

Another is staying with a strictly antique theme. Homeowners are realizing there’s no need to stay with just one time period – it’s now about finding a way to blend everything together from the past and the future.

The last trend moving out is brushed metal – warmer tones with bronze and metal are coming back in style.

So, what’s coming in for 2017?

Matte appliances – Attention is brought to the appliance itself without the surface sheen.

Cerused wood – This is a finish that brings out the unique grain of the wood – look for it in cabinets, tables, chairs and storage furniture.

Marble is back – Remember the Victorian marble-topped tables? They might be the perfect accent pieces with modern furniture to create the new look of the moment – marble is even showing up on wallpaper.

Nailhead details – This once was a well-known style for leather furniture and it’s not just back for upholstered pieces, but also for storage chests, credenzas and even base plates for lighting fixtures.

Subway tiles – This trend seems to be sticking around as a style element now – it comes in all price points and works across the board with many different styles. 

Trends to try: 

* Furniture with rounded silhouettes and jewel tones, statement rugs and lush accessories like throw pillows and blankets.

* Unconventional picture frames. 

* Mismatched patterns, fun fabrics and multi-functional furniture. 

* Stick on wall paper and decals – stick these on walls, dressers and mirrors — they add a fun dot of color and whimsy to any room. And when they’re ready for removal, don’t worry about damage to your walls.

Rock the table – dining with style

Set your dining room table with handmade ceramics and slow-carved wooden spoons or jewel-toned flatware such as labradorite stone.

Families are transforming dining rooms into communal spaces that go beyond occasional dining. The result is an informal less fussy space that can be used for a kids art project or an impromptu dinner party. Mixing chairs with benches lends to the vibe of an informal dining room.

Stage a comeback

Just as marble is making a strong statement again, stained glass is also coming back in fashion. Expect elevated forms of this old craft as well as wonderfully dilapidated vintage pieces displayed beyond windows but rather hung on walls.

Smart Home Feature 

Last, but not least, we can’t forget our ode to technology. No one can live without their electronic devices and we all need that dedicated spot to charge everything – even furniture is getting in on the act with nightstands and desks that feature charging stations built right in.

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