“Get Around To-It” Projects to Help Sell Your House

repairsThe Spring/Summer Market Season is upon us and many sellers around the Charlottesville area may also be wondering how to make their houses stand out above the rest.

They may have done the staging and mowed the lawn, but what about the “Get Around To-It” projects that may not have bugged them while they lived in the house, but now could very easily turn off potential buyers?

Here are some easy ways that will help Sellers figure out which projects are best handled by themselves in either a few hours or over a long weekend, and which ones to leave to the experts.

Be sure to set aside the time on your calendar and figure out the costs associated with each project – if you need to save up money for a larger project make sure you can also line up the contractors as many are very busy this time of year.


If you have a few hours to devote to a project:

* Touch up paint jobs – you may already have many of the colors and paint brushes at the ready so the actual cost may be minimal. Be sure to go through your house and make notes of where all these spots may be so you can quickly go from one site to another.

* Tighten up handles and fix that squeaky door – no one likes to open a door and feel the handle move and hear it squeak. Buyers might wonder what else is wrong with a house.

* Replacing hardware – decide which doorknobs or kitchen drawer handles need updating and find ones that will create a uniform look throughout your house to tie it all together.

* Repaint or replace the front door – nothing perks up a house more than a new paint color called “Caribbean Holiday” or “Poppy Fields” on your front door or even one with a new window or door knocker.

* Think neutral – along with decluttering, creating a neutral palette with your furniture and decorations so everything has a neutral gender feel will help buyers visualize the space for themselves. This is another form of staging.

* Time to Spring Clean – it’s a great idea to hit that “Clean Oven” button you’ve always wanted to push, and throw out any unidentified food items in your fridge. Make sure your sink, counters, dishwasher and stovetop are also sparkling.

* For those with screened porches or have window with screens – make sure there aren’t any holes in them.

Gardening – make sure your yard and garden are kept weeded and clear of debris. You don’t have to have a green thumb, but curb appeal is important!


Whole Weekend Projects:

Brass is dated – If you have brass or other metal fixtures that look like they’re from the ‘80s consider replacing them all.

Clear out the garage or attic – this might take more than one weekend – but you might even find enough items for a yard sale (we’ve covered this topic in another blog.)

* Extensive Landscaping – if you’d like to get more ambitious than simply weeding, consider easy to care for plantings.

* Power wash the deck, driveway and siding (make sure you examine your work and replace/repair any siding that might get blown away by the water).

If you know you have stone, exposed beams or brickwork under drywall, consider exposing them.


Best Left to the Professionals:


* Check/fix your roof – do you see any missing shingles or leaks?

* Check wiring – fix any problems.

Check your HVAC systems – replace/repair as necessary.

* Get rid of old carpet – this might be the perfect time to see if you have gleaming hardwood floors underneath.

* Create open flow rooms – if you have ever wanted to open up a room, consider taking out a non-load bearing wall.

* Inspect and remove popcorn ceilings – you may discover you have high ceilings after all.

* Update your counters – the kitchen will get the most use so make sure your counters don’t disappoint.

* Replace windows – you may want to check out eco-conscious options.


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