Crozet Streetscape Project

We have all been wanting more details of the Crozet Streetscape Project and here it is.

Crozet is a very desirable community with a growing residential population and expanding businesses, schools, recreation facilities and cultural offerings. Crozet’s downtown area has been a vital part of the community since its inception.

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The Crozet community is committed to downtown as the focal point and community center of Crozet, and the streetscape project and other downtown enhancements will help foster economic vitality as well as preserve and accentuate the historic character of Downtown Crozet. The first phase of this project has been completed and included the installation of a new stormwater drainage system at the Three Notch’d Road (Rte 240)/Crozet Avenue intersection extending northward along Crozet Avenue. It also encompassed the pedestrian and streetscape enhancements at the intersection extending through the railroad overpass to the “Square”. The Crozet new library was constructed nearby and includes a 100-space parking lot, and improved road networks along the rear alley way and the beginning section of Library Avenue.

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