Charlottesville Cicadas are here


What’s worse than stink bugs and lady bugs put together?

You guessed it, the 17 year Cicada, and they are beginning to arrive in Charlottesville right now.

Your pets may snack on them and your ear drums may suffer but long term there shouldn’t be lasting effects.


First Cicada

I photographed this fine specimen this morning while showing a home in Charlottesville.

If was my first glimpse of the 17 year Cicada. It is almost a cartoon looking bug with long wings and bright red eyes.

Soon we will have more than we can even imagine and then, once they do through their cycle, they will lay their eggs and die.

They are not around long, but when they are here, you certainly know it!

Enjoy 🙂

Can you spot the Cicada?

Can you spot the Cicada?


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  1. Cute little things, aren’t they? We just hosted a Stober family reunion over Memorial Day weekend and it never crossed our minds to factor these little creatures into the festivities…just say we played the music a little louder!

  2. I love that Vera!

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