Buyers need to ask the tough questions

Looking at number is amazing. It appears that 10% of agents in our MLS sell close to 50% of all transactions in our counties.100

Looking at the stats closer you would see that the majority of agent in our MLS have 1 to zero transactions for the previous 12 months. Many people choose an agent because they are a relative or a friend. The odds are not good that you are working with a top agent.

As a BUYER or SELLER these statistics should mean something to you. Do you want an agent who is not truly “Active” in our market?

I see agents advertise, both in print and on the web that they are a “Residential Expert” or “Specialist” or even a “Condo and Townhouse Expert” but when you look at the sales for these agents, they are really “stretching” the truth.

As a BUYER or SELLER, ask your agent :

How Many Successful Closing have you had in the last 12 months?

(Numbers do not lie)

Buying a home is a big investment and you want your Charlottesville Real Estate Agent/Broker to be one of the best!

Let’s talk!

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