Local Charlottesville Buyers Agent compares Real Estate to Baseball

I remember reading an article in our local paper about how our Area’s high-priced homes are harder to sell.

Well it got me to thinking about our local Association of Realtors – CAAR and how many agents are having a tougher year than in the past.

Why baseball popped into my head I do not know, but I see things like this….

baseball real estate

Home Runs – Selling Charlottesville Real Estate over 1,000,000 (ok maybe 700K)

Singles – Selling a Home, condo or townhome –  Charlottesville Real Estate under 200K

Doubles – Charlottesville Real Estate 200K–300K range

Triples –Charlottesville Real Estate 300K-500K range

Many agents are out there trying to hit home runs. Sure you will get a home run once in awhile, but why not focus on Doubles and the occasional Triple?  heck even those Singles will add up!

Let’s get back to the old ball game!






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