SOLD vs JUST LISTED (Charlottesville Real Estate)

When you list your home the goal is to get it SOLD
This does not mean to just list a home and get it on the market.
If this is your goal then there are a lot of agents out there that will just “list” your home. Look around there is a lot of inventory.
If you want to tell me what price you “need” that is fine, but do not be surprised if that is not what the market will bear… If we are going to sell your house we have to price it in today’s market.
When I decide to work with you (yes this is a mutual decision, we are hiring each other) we are going to do a lot of work. In fact we will do a lot of market research together and the techniques I use will help us to not just price a home for the market, but to price a home to get it SOLD!
Recently we have had great success in getting listings under contract within 30 days.
The reason is that we priced them correctly, ask your agent how to get a “SOLD” sign not a “JUST LISTED” sign….
If you want to discuss this further, just let me know.
Visit Charlottesville Real Estate when you are ready.

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