Call Agent X…what a waste of time… (Sellers pay attention)

I am out showing Real Estate with out of town clients and all appointments are setup and everything seems fine. Then we drive in a neighborhood and see the perfect home (with a for sale sign in from of it) that was not on our tour.

I check into the MLS (while in my vehicle) and get the price and stats on the home. Things are looking great!

phoneThen the showing says “Call Agent X”

So of course I make the call and I get a voicemail…. I leave a message for Agent X.

Then I call the back up number to the main office…. Amazing I get an answering machine…. Another message is left.

We keep looking at homes and no call back from Agent X.

My clients are leaving Charlottesville tomorrow and will stay over to see the home. I call again and get Agent X’s voice mail…

This event does happen and the issue is that the listing agent does not have a good system in place. Some agents put “Call Agent” in our MLS as a habit. I have had the agent say,

“The home is Vacant go ahead and show it”

why do this? We have an electronic lockbox system at CAAR and we know who has shown every home.

TIP: Here is a tip for Clients trying to sell their homes: If you can not get your agent on the phone within a reasonable amount of time. No one else can either…. If they are that busy and do not have a system in place to handle calls, you need to consider a different agent!

The activity in Charlottesville is increasing and your agent needs to be “Your Agent”

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