Sellers Listen up!

Seems that the inventory is increasing and the sales are slowing. In Charlottesville the real estate market is very seasonal. We start in March and Peak in Aug. Then we start to slow into Fall and Winter.

Then the cycle starts over again.soldThis cycle is repeated over and over again. This is partially (and mostly) do to the fact that we are a University town. The University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson (our 3rd president) is our biggest employer and our biggest land owner.

The cycle of the school year directly relates to the cycle of the Real Estate market in Charlottesville.

So how do you sell your house in this market?

There are just a few things to remember.

1. Show well (consider using a stager)

2. Be the deal (run the comps and be sure you are priced right)

3. use a REALTOR! (this is the best way to get your home marketed)

No fluff, just 3 simple rules to sell your home. Feel free to contact me in Charlottesville if you have any question!

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