I want a Paperless Real Estate Office

Working with Real Estate Contracts can often lead to an overwhelming amount of paper. I try to go paperless as much as possible.

This week I sent an HOA package that was 160 pages with a simple link to the PDF file.

My home inspectors now do their reports totally on-line (or I would consider not using them).

We even transfer plats, surveys and contracts by email.

Yes we are close but I still want a Paperless Real Estate Office!!!

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DEFINITION: The paperless office was a publicist’s slogan, meant to describe the office of the future. The basic idea was that office automation would make paper redundant for routine tasks such as record-keeping and bookkeeping. The idea came to prominence with the introduction of the personal computer

PROBLEM: Here is the problem. I still get agents who do not get it…. yet. Some are hand filling out contracts when we can now put everything on-line with Adobe. If you still have to hand write it, then scan it and send it to me. Please do not make me a copy, I just want to reduce the paper.

SIGNATURES: Sure we are seeing digital signatures too, but they have not yet caught on in our area.I am looking forward to when they are accepted.

I just want a Paperless Real Estate Office… am I wrong?


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  1. Charles:

    I do too! But based on past experience: I’m about 2 – 3 years out. That’s usually about how long it takes to get other (local) agents accustomed to my way of doing business.

  2. A worthy goal!

  3. Jessica – I think you are right we are about 2-3 yrs out

  4. Betty – It is a worthy goal we can all participate in

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