Buyers do you understand what an open house is all about?

Now I am sure that a lot of my colleagues will disagree with me and some may even think this is a subject I should not be discussing with the public, but I think the public should understand…..
hookAn “Open House” is a “HOOK”
Well at least that is what I call it. We are in Charlottesville Virginia and we are a caveat emptor state.
The sellers agent represents the sellers best interest. In fact this is what the listing agreement is about.
So when the selling agent has an open house they are trying to sell the home for the sellers… right?
Are they really trying to get a buyer for the home that is open?
Sorta… if it happens that this is the perfect home for the open house guest. This is rare…
What they are really doing is looking for buyers to represent. Now there is nothing wrong with this practice (I have been very successful meeting new buyers at open houses). But the public should understand what the game really is all about.
Any questions?
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