Some sellers make me laugh

I have been on a little trip and one of my associates and I were just talking on the cell phone about Buyer Agent Bonuses while I was driving through Tennessee…laughing_horse

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We both agreed that it is rediculous to offer a "Bonus" to an agent that is already getting a commission. Why not just lower the price…

So here is where it got funny… I got back to my computer (I bring it with me of course) and the very NEXT email I get says….

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I just had to laugh!

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The funny part is that the agent sending this is a good agent and knows that these things are gimmicks and that the reality is that the price of the homes should just be lowered or give a credit back to the buyers…

My associate and I in Charlottesville Agreed that Real Estate "Bonuses" should just go back to the buyer….

No more games….Please….

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  1. I think that buyer’s agent bonuses are used to get the agent to guide there client in that direction, or at least to show them the property. If the agent thinks they are going to get a bigger commission, they are more likely to show that property. I THINK BONUSES WORK!!!!!!

  2. Timothy
    I get your point but if an agent is doing his job he or she will show a home if it fits the needs of a client, regardless of compensation

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