does 5% help?

I received an email this morning from an agent

buy Put-Put Troubles

(representing a Builder) that said:

download Bone Bandit

“5% Selling Commission on these easy to sell homes!”

Well my fingers deleted

buy Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens

the email as my mind quickly asked 2 questions

The Laramie Project download


1. Will 5% help sell these homes? ….  My answer is “NO”

2. Are these really “Easy to sell homes” ? …. My answer is “NO”

The builder is looking in the wrong direction. Do not try to over compensate a Buyers Agent, reduce the price on the home. Offer incentives to the “Buyer” not the agent.

The one good thing is that they are getting the word out about these homes…

Just the wrong message IMO ….

What are your thoughts?

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