Stimulus Package – Good News for First Time Homebuyers

Well, it looks like first time homebuyers will not get the $15,000 that was originally bandied about, but $8,000 is not a bad compromise for houses bought between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30, 2009.

There is some talk that this could affect taxpayers’ 2008 taxes, but please do speak with a CPA to get the real scoop on how that will work out. Always be sure to get sound advice when it comes to taxes!!!

It appears that the trickle down effect might start soon – I have had a number of lookers and close-to-buyers here in Charlottesville, but many of them are not first time homebuyers.

Legally Blondes trailer


I will be sure to follow up to see how this $8,000 credit pans out – Stay tuned!


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