A Car with a New Home?

They are at it again…

Back in Nov of 2007 I posted: JUST LOWER the PRICE!!!

I just got an email offering a Car with the purchase of a new home locally in the Charlottesville area. The builder is offering a 2009 Hyundai Accent if you close in 2008.

Now they do mention:

“If your client prefers, seller is willing to provide credits, upgrades, or price reductions in the amount of $15,000 as an offset to the car.”

Am I crazy or is this wrong?

1. Just reduce the price of the home to reflect the true value of the home (which is at least 15K lower).

2. Will a lender (in this market) allow a car to be part of a purchase contract? maybe they are using a certain lender, this is not mentioned… (((NOTE: it does say “Subject to lender approval”)))

3. What if I want a motorcycle instead? LOL (just kidding)…

These tactics to entice buyers are not very effective in my opinion and they may even have a reverse effect on the neighborhood… we will see…


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