FOXFIELD – Family Day-2008

The big day is right around the corner! (Sunday Sept 28th, 2008)

This “Family Day”at Foxfield Race Track (about a mile from my home) in Western Albemarle is an event not to be missed! There is of course the Steeple Jump Races of these fine horses. This is the main draw of the event but there is a lot more going on. Big hats, proper attire and even some fancy tailgating!  

If you read my blog, you know that my wife and I walk everyday in our area. It is not uncommon for us to hear a bugle and then the dogs run through the woods followed by the majestic horses with their riders in dress!      

There is also (one of the kids and mine favorites) the Jack Russell Terrier Race If you have never seen one, it is amazing! Jack Russell Terrier Races are almost as popular as horse racing. The dogs race on a 150 foot straight course with several hurdles to leap over! A lure (rabbit tail) is attached to a piece of string which entices the dogs to run full speed down the course. This is so exciting that I have even gotten involved pulling the line!

 A quote from a local magazine says “With a little imagination, the Jack Russell Terriers Race at noon, will whisk spectators back to England and Ireland to partake in the hunt, so to speak”  

This years designated beneficiary is the Charlottesville-Albemarle Kid Pan Alley

Please consider taking the Family out to the races! these are the times that make memories!!!  

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